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New update again?


Have you guys seen the vetted by fiverr update? It shows when you hover the mouse over your username.


I don’t see it. Screenshot?


Do you mean this?



I see. For TRS it says vetted


I’m ok with this. Not that big of a deal I think.


Wow! I am just seen this thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, yes, I just noticed that.


Is this just for top rated sellers? And what’s with the minimum 4.8 rating when I have a 5.0 rating?


It seems to be using a template for others: 50+ orders with 4.8 average.
I thought it’s clear from the stars and order number in the brackets. Not a big deal though.


Who is going to hover their mouse over the username?

I must say though that I was hoping for something like this which would set us apart more. So no complaints.


It looks like an explanation of the Level status.

I’m level 1 and it says completed at least 10 orders with minimum 4.8 rating.

Level 2 says completed at least 50 orders with minimum 4.8 rating.