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New Update. Has anybody else noticed it?


Hi Everyone, am I the only one seeing it or you guys also noticed the new update.



This is NEW! I see it on my profile page, too.

Clicked on the advanced button…


I see it in Firefox, but not in Chromium (in Chromium, I suddenly see no gigs on my profile page, just the reviews; they show up normally if I click on View As Buyer).


Quite handy, isn’t it?


Same here… Refresh the page and it will appear.


Yes! This is so much EASIER to manage gigs. Bypassing all of the clickety clicks.


Refreshed it 10 times or something, nothing.

Probably just a minor glitch due to the update.


Yeah I like it, however the first time I saw it I thought they deleted all my gig videos :angry:


So glad it wasn’t just me that thought that - I thought I was being paranoid!


Yes mine too. its not deleted, it shows up when you hit preview… Otherwise it shows the picture uploaded in gallery.


Interesting! I see something, but a bit different!


That’s an incredible update! I don’t generally want to ever pause my gigs though having an ability to set the number of orders allowed would definitely help us! Thanks @Fiverr


Coming soon to the forum IN HORDES:



Yup! :grin: If it happens they’re :poop: outta luck.


So true! Hopefully a 2 factor delete authentication is in place


You should try and let us know.

BTW what happened to your TIP topic? Its disappeared?


I just clicked that pause button when i saw the update first time just to see what happens. My gig was paused within microseconds. So yeah be careful!!!


Lol - Magic :wink:

Oh Wow, I just noticed this feature!!


It scared me at first, though thankfully this is what comes up when trying to delete your gig:


Woah you are courageous man… @djgodknows a meme for him please,