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NEW Update on Mass Spam and other Forum Security Issues 8/24/16

The forum admins and moderators would like all users to know that we know about the major recurring external spam problem and that it has become difficult to manage manually so we had to wait on some assistance from staff.

We are still using a previously set up system that was designed to filter some of the spam and it’s been updated as much as possible so the spam should be partly reduced again. However, some added security measures have been introduced that should be very helpful.

Staff and the moderation team will be observing the changes in mass spam and new user spam. We will try to catch up with manual moves and removals on what is left if everything works as intended. There are still some problems with the moderation tools, so please be patient while we iron those out. Thanks to everyone who has continually support Fiverr dev and the volunteer team during these difficult past weeks! We hope we turning the bend!

Just saw a spammer 5 minutes back, now he is no longer there. Guess the mods have been working extra hard.

you people are really doing a very good work, i appreciate

Thank you for the update.

Thank you very much to the team for their excellent work fiverr .

Good Work Devs Team. Keep it up