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New Update: Showing the deliveries, reviews, and order amount

Interesting, this seems to be the update after the website downtime today. It looks cool. What do you guys think?

I hate the “Delivered Within” it shows the days while the order was marked as completed, so it counts the revision time in it.


I don’t see it, must be rolling out still.

Is it an updated live portfolio? or where do you find it?

On a seller profile page ! I do get this update ! Now any one can check the completed order estimated value. Check mine post in conversation !

Just above the reviews section on your profile. You can drag it until day-one, until your first sample in the live portfolio.

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Edited - yes I can see it now! :sunny:


I see it on your profile, but not on mine (then again, my Live Portfolio is off, that might be the reason).


It’s appeared now! :open_mouth:


Pinned cos new features r kool

Ughhhhh another update that wasn’t really necessary. I don’t know how clients are going to feel when their order amount is showing, especially for resellers. Another reason why clients are going to hesitate leaving public reviews.

I don’t like it either. Imagine you deliver fairly quickly, then everyone is going to expect a quick delivery without wanting to pay for the extra fast.


I think it’s Awesome :star_struck::star_struck:


Maybe this would be a good option for “Pro” or higher priced gigs. I mean the other freelancing platform starting on “U” had this feature a long time ago, but it is a completely different concept.

If you have noticed the exact order amount, isn’t shown, instead, they show estimate $5-$100 (on order that’s worth $120). I guess it’s still in beta.



Ah, us poor writers - no live portfolio, no special new profile page! (I know that we can include a snapshot of the article in an image format to have it added to a live portfolio, but that seems like a lot of effort).


You can deliver the article in a “.pdf” format and it would be automatically shown in your live portfolio. Alternatively, in the FAQ section you can post some links from your best work.

BUAHAHAAHAHA, we writers get to keep the details of our orders secret. I know some logo designers that should be having a meltdown on facebook right about now :3


I did not know that - great idea, I think I will do this from now on. Thanks!

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I’m cracking up right now. That’s hilarious! :joy:

I suppose both buyers and sellers will have a meltdown. The whole privacy thing.

Truth be told, if I see everyone is buying the lower priced gigs, I’ll be kinda hesitant about buying higher priced gig.

On the other hand, if everyone is buying higher priced gig, I may be intimidated. If I don’t have that much to spend, I may go with someone else.


When you think about it, this literally damages sales for sellers. Imagine if the standard or basic package logo looks almost as good as the premium…I’d stick to the standard or basic.


The only difference is that in my higher packages, I do offer multiple banners. Usually, if you want extra things you should contact me for a custom offer. lol :slight_smile:

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That´s and an interesting way to see it.

I think the cost shouldn’t affect the quality. Instead, other factors should be affected. Such as type/amount of work involved, delivery time, number of revisions, many other things…but not quality.


Interesting point!

@eoinfinnegan Pinned cos new features r kool - you crackmeup