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New Update: Showing the deliveries, reviews, and order amount

As I mentioned in a previous thread, this update, while a good initiative, will bring more harm than good for sellers.
It isn’t a buyer’s business how much a seller earns per delivery, and I think not all buyers would like others to see how much they paid for. All in all, orders are different from one another and each buyer has a different situation.
This is just unprofessional in my opinion - I do understand the thought behind it, but I don’t think it’s a good idea as others have mentioned.

We should at least have the option to disable this.


I am glad this is not on writer profiles.

I have a feedback from an order that was placed back in 2015 (the guy kept forgetting to give me the information and we kinda forgot about it as gigs disappear from the list about a month or two)

Would say ‘delivered within 2 years’

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This is the worst update I ever saw.

Showing your deliveries that are years old, showing the amount for orders, this is ridiculous! Every project is different, our prices and quality are changing day by day. We should be able to control that.
The person/s who proposed and implemented this update have no idea about freelancer’s industry.
I also noticed the report button flag. So, we should expect some massive reports from the competition.

I am totally disappointed.

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You can upload PDFs from the ‘edit gig’ page.

I know about those - it was the live portfolio I was interested in.

I cannot see it on my profile!

This feature is really cool. I agree with you about the “delivered within” thing.