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New Update: ❌ Can't Change Gig Category ❌

While tweaking my gigs, I just discovered that Fiverr no longer allows GIG category to be changed once the gig has been published. I don’t know if I missed the memo or if this was recently implemented but I just never took notice. :smiley:

:small_orange_diamond: The main cat untouchable.
:small_orange_diamond: Sub-cat is changeable.

:small_red_triangle_down: Anyway here’s the screenie :small_red_triangle_down:


wow i don’t know about this things

That’s new to me! :scream: But it makes sense if you can’t change main :cat:

Yeah. Fiverr put a stop to those sellers flip flopping back & forth.
So choose wisely, cause you only have one shot. :smiley:

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Its true but why you want to change the gig main category? You can add another Gig for new category.

I don’t want to change cat, I just noticed the change.


I can remember once i have changed the category of one of my gig. I think recently they have updated this to can not change.

This is a good feature :wink: As I have seen few example, people change the heading and promote entirely different services. Now at least the cannot run in to another game.


… and then they come to the forum asking if they could change the GIG url. :expressionless:

The change was a great move by Fiverr! :tropical_drink: