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New Updates - Same Old Flaming Problems x 10

Buyer places an order, then immediately opens a dispute to cancel. “I ordered by mistake.”

To top this I have a buyer who I am 100% sure is the same buyer I last had to cancel an order from due to them accusing me of delivering irrelevant content. Different username, same 2-year old spelling and grammar, same complete reluctance to give me a link to their website or even company name.

I am literally 1 percentage point away from being demoted this month due to nonsense like this. In this case, now that the glitter and sherbert of the “Commitment to Community” post three weeks ago has finally been realized for the crud that it is, WHEN WILL FIVERR ACTUALLY START VALUING SELLERS ENOUGH TO PROTECT THEM FROM ABUSE?

I am so sick of the bells and whistles Fiverr keeps rolling out which are absolutely pointless, if not completely damaging to actual seller success. This is all Fiverr has done this year. Bang after bang, they have hammered it home that they are completely out of touch with actual seller concerns.

We need meaningful flaming change for once.


With my newly opened dispute from the (new to Fiverr) buyer who just ordered, I sent this:


Sorry, this is a common tactic used by malicious sellers on Fiverr to bring down others ratings. In this case, if you would like to cancel this order, you will need to contact Fiverr Customer Support. This way, they can check to make sure that this was an innocent mistake.

Kind Regards,


Now the buyer has refused my dispute with:

Sorry. I was order this gig by mistake, please cancel this. I will chose Ordered by mistake and give you 5 stars in the short survey fiverr asks soon after such cancellations… So it wont affect you bad

Right. So not only do you not want to contact CS to cancel your order. As well as this, you have been a member of Fiverr for less than a month and know exactly how this works?

Does anyone but me not see the obvious lechery here?

This has to stop. And why the hell do buyers like this even get the opportunity to rate sellers?


I’m sorry this is happening to you. Fiverr desperately needs to stop damaging seller’s levels due to buyers doing things like this.

The stress from things like this is unhealthy.


I have faced this situation in this April to august in this fiverr.My fiverr account disables in this time…I disappointed this buyer…fiverr always try makes buyer happy…

Fiverr takes some against violations rules in buyer…

I hope Fiverr STAFF reading all of these threads and improve them. I am sorry about what happened to you!


You don’t get automatically demoted if you drop below the rate. From what I’ve heard from Fiverr staff, your account is simply flagged and when your next review date comes up, someone manually reviews your account. They can look and see things like this during the review and take that into account when deciding to demote, promote, or to leave you where you are.

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Bull. There are no Fiverr staff who manually review accounts on St levels. Everything is automated. You might hear different. However, when you do, it is usually nothing more than a reputation management fairytale.


I have the two same buyers on Sep who order by mistake. I asked CS to cancel the order but CS said IT WILL affect my Order Completion Rate even it’s not my fault but guess what, as I posted on the forum before. The cancellation won’t affect my order completion rate anymore. One of the good buyer even screen captures his rating for me as a proof like your case. All 5 stars, I think he indeed ordered by mistake.

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Update: I am now being blackmailed by the buyer who has opened a dispute on his order. I have reached out to CS. I have asked that this order be canceled and that they look into the matter of whether or not this buyer is acting maliciously. I have also informed this buyer that the matter is now in the hands of CS.

In response, I have received:

I can’t wait days for that man


Ok. If you want bothering for days , ok i ll not recommend you to anyone in the survey i get soon after the cancellation

This is apparently a middle-aged man from the United States. In my experience, no one but scammers talk like this. I am also gobsmacked that this person is threatening me with a negative review when I have never worked with them. How is this fair in terms of the new blind review system?

My buyers (the ones who pay and receive work from me) love my work. I go above and beyond with every single flaming order. Why on Earth should someone like this have the power to rate me down whether this is an honestly misplaced order or not?

I am also going to add here that after a bit digging on Google, it seems that this person has left several glowing reviews for budget animated video sellers over the past 7-days. During this time, (according to them) they have also canceled other orders placed in error.

Fiverr. You are the most absolutely disgusting freelance platform online. That your system even allows this level of manipulation is mindboggling. That it seems to encourage it, is disgraceful.

You are not a freelance platform where honest people can come to work and build a fantastic brand presence for your benefit. You are more like a totalitarian regime, where those that work here have to put on an Iron Maiden of stress every morning before they start work.

Well done on ruining your appeal to actual freelancers. May you and your hordes of mek-sellers live long and prosper.


Whenever a buyer requests imediate cancelation of an order after placing it, never agree to this. Your buyer won’t just bring down your ratings, they can also leave secret reviews about your services and ruin your business by stealth. Instead. ALWAYS request that CS cancels such orders, even if only to make CS have to demonstrably work for those juicy comissions you keep paying their wages with.


I took your advice from last year and started my own website, although its not getting any audience yet, so you need to do the same bro! This stuff will never ends.


I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I am definetly going through some struggles of my own with right now with selling as well. You are not alone.


I will keep this in mind. Thank you for the tip


Well, you know, it’s not about work but all about shopping experience nowadays :sweat_smile:.

No, of course it’s not fair, at the least, sellers need to get the option of a private review as well whenever a buyer cancels because they suddenly discovered that their cousin twice removed can do that job for them too and such.


No. For the love of God this isn’t 1970’s Eastern Germany. I can’t think of a single occasion when buying online, that I have been asked to leave 2+ sets of feedback.

  • Rating orders, fine. Rating message responses? - Weird.
  • Rating a company or person in secret? - To be honest that would tell me that I just bought from a 21st Century Gulag full of freelancers on hamster wheels who the company I bought from has it in for.
  • Secret reviews for orders I’ve placed in error and want to cancel? - Clearly my buyer relishes in leaving these. As a sane human being, though, I’ve got a life to lead.

I’m getting to the point where Fiverr feels so leveled against sellers that I feel inclined to add to the thousands of wailing Trust Pilot reviews. Moreover, as it is, I’m not the only one. Google Fiverr Reviews, and you will come across a Freelancing blog which specifically warns sellers not to bother with this platform because of bias toward buyers.

Is that what Fiverr wants? Sellers to start feeling so mistreated that they start calling out Fiverr online for its inherent flaws?

I have absolutely no problem with a buyer saying that they have placed an order in error. What I do have a problem with is an order process which makes this easy, coupled with the fact that sellers are penalized AND RATED in secret whenever this happens.

This should be a completely non-issue. That it is an issue is testimony to just how divorced Fiverr is from its actual user base.


Well, I’m getting demoted this month because of 3 chargeback attempts.

I completed all 3 orders, got 5 star reviews for all of them and even tipped for one. Then the guy tried scamming me by issuing a chargeback with his bank. Fiverr managed to dispute them successfully, but they can’t fix my cancellation rating…


That’s just ridiculous.


Yes, they can… they just refuse to.

Can’t is not the same as won’t.



No, of course I don’t like the secret feedback generally. That was just about the fairness.



Someone, somewhere, has a lack of trust and

prefers not to be challenged too much.


You do not have to believe me, but I have direct contact with employees at Fiverr and this information was made available to me when the new system was coming out. Based on your posts here, it looks like you’re having a rough time recently, but that doesn’t mean you should spread false information.

How am I spreading false information?

You are saying one thing. Fellow sellers are experiencing (and have been for nearly a year now) a completely different reality. In this case, it is either you or your mysterious contacts at Fiverr who are spreading misinformation.