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New: Upgrade Your Gig with a “Stock Image” Extra

Fiverr is thrilled to introduce the “Stock Image” Extra. This Gig Extra will allow sellers to increase their revenue by offering premium images with their delivery, while ensuring content may be used for commercial or personal use.

How does it work?

  1. Buyer orders a Gig and purchases the “Stock Image” Extra for only $10.
  2. Seller selects the image and downloads it for use in their delivery.

    Sellers earn 25% commission on every image sold - a win-win for everybody!

    This feature will be available in selected categories in the coming weeks.

    We’d love to hear your feedback.

Reply to @gingerwriter: No, there was only a pop-up screen when they introduced it.

WEIRD. I have added it to my gig and doesn’t not show up!! WEIRD.

Reply to @jtengle: Yea great evryone won fair 50-50 :smiley:

Did Fiverr put out a ‘memo’ or blog post about this feature? If so, could someone re-post the link to the page? I’m not finding it anywhere.


deleted - because, based on my personal negative experiences, I do not trust Getty’s legal department one iota.

Shouldn’t it be buyer select the images themselves and the images are added to the order as part of the instruction?

This seems like it could be a cool feature. I’m a writer, and I’ve had some customers order my images extra. I currently use public domain and creative commons pictures, so this partnership could open up higher quality images to sellers without us having to buy a subscription to a stock photo site. That could be a good thing for both buyers and sellers.

There is one thing I don’t quite understand though. Are we earning the standard rate on the $10 extra ($8) plus 25%? Or are we just earning 25% of the $10 (2.50)? It seems like it won’t be a lot of work to go through and select a Getty image, but an extra $2.50 isn’t a terribly large incentive.

From my thread:

I’m but one seller, but seriously, if you don’t STOP AUTOMATICALLY ENABLING new functions, I am out of here.

Get your house in order before you start forcing new features on people! I spend more time working around the poorly executed “functionality” of the site than I do on orders - I do not need to devote more effort to undoing money-grubbing shenanigans!

I haven’t tried to use this feature, but I have two major concerns.

  1. If the buyer is paying for the image, why doesn’t the buyer select it? What happens if I choose an image the buyer doesn’t like? Can it be exchanged for another one or is a new $10 payment required?

  2. What happens to the $10 stock photo payment if the project is cancelled/refunded? Does the buyer get the $10 back or is the money forfeit?

    Also, why am I posting here expecting any sort of official answer from a Fiverr rep when we all know they don’t read and respond to anything.

    EDITED: for clarity.
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Reply to @madmoo: I’ve become cynical when it comes to Fiverr I think. I hope they do reply because the feature could be good for what I do if a few more details are provided.

Reply to @madmoo: Yes, but it doesn’t answer my specific questions. I’ll edit my post above to be less snarky.

I think this is a good initiative by fiverr and getty images :slight_smile:

I’m concerned about the pricing also. If it works like I suspect it does, then I actually get more money out of upselling photos outside of Getty images. If I get the $10 upsell -and- a 25% commission, it would be worthwhile for me. Otherwise, I’d rather just hunt down suitable royalty free images and charge what I’m already charging.

For the folks asking why and who questions, sometimes clients seeking blog or web content need images but don’t want to spend time hunting down one that matches the written content. I’ve never had a client reject an image for those purposes. If they are particular about the image, they tend to pick it out for themselves.


Sounds like an interesting addition.

Is the library of images that may be used already visible?

Seeing the images that are offered in advance will help sellers decide if they want to opt in or out of this new service.

Also, is the service still images only?

Getty video would be an incredibly useful addition, but again, it would be useful to see the pool of images in advance before deciding how useful it is.



I’ve had to go in and remove this feature twice from my gigs. This is getting very annoying. I do not want it, I don’t find it useful to my services, and I’m getting tired of having to make sure it’s not on my gigs.

I love you, Fiverr, but please–why can’t you just make the option available to us and let us add it if we find it relevant?

I just hope they change “Chosse” to “Choose”.

So this service doesn’t cost me anything?

Also are all the getty photos available? Like for example I could go to the getty images website and reference a couple of images in advance and then be able to search for it in the widget and I’ll find it.

Does this also include a company owned by getty?

Ok so I create flowcharts and sometimes folks want a flowchart for publishing. Does Getty images have icons/symbols available as well as stock photos? I need icons & is there a limit to how many I can use from Getty?

I honestly don’t know why anyone who objects to this or at least thinks it should be an OPT-IN service is even wasting their time commenting - myself included. If they make $1 more doing this, (which I’m sure they already have) it will stay and it will continue to be automatically applied to sellers’ accounts. It will be left up to the seller to ‘sort it out with the buyer’ if someone orders it when it’s not applicable. That money will already be in the Fiverr system and there it will stay, in all but the most extreme of circumstances.

c’est la vie