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New User - A Little Worried


I just placed two orders a few hours ago for services (granted they were for 5 dollars each but still)… I sent messages immediately after trying to touch base and mainly to put my mind at ease about using this service for the first time and to connect with the provider of each service… I have heard NOTHING from either.

Should I be concerned? What have been your experiences using this site?


There are plenty of reasons for concern on FIverr, but this probably isn’t one of them! :slight_smile:

Seriously, some sellers, keep in almost constant contact with buyers, some don’t. As long as you read the gig descriptions thoroughly and provided the correct information according to the gig instructions, things should be fine.

Consider the turnaround time for each order too - if they should be delivered in a day or two, the seller is probably busy working on them to beat the deadline. If they have a longer lead time, the seller probably doesn’t see an urgent need to over-communicate.

Good luck!

Reply to @madmoo: No worries, I think we managed to cover all the bases!

Ok. Thanks! I definitely hope that’s the case >.<

Reply to @madmoo: Aw! That’s good to hear. I’ll definitely checking out what services you offer on your account. That’s the kind of attitude I was hoping for!

If they list it as 2 days and I have not heard from them should I start to get worried?