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New User - AntonioValls from Italy

Hello everyone, I’m Antonio an Italian graphic designer, I hope to find new customers here, I will try to do my best to satisfy all my customers


Welcome come to fiverr :slight_smile:

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now I have to understand how to improve my seller profile, do you have any suggestions or guides I can follow?

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Hey @antoniovalls welcome to the community😊
Best of luck regarding your services…

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I hope to be able to have visibility and customers, I am new and really beginners with this website, I usually work for a company where I deal with designing decorations on porcelain plates, gifts and household items, I also create the design of the packaging which is then printed by the box factory.
Do you have any suggestions for me to be able to better sell my products?

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@antoniovalls you can make a better gig by conducting a research on the niche your working and surveying what other sellers are doing, how they are presenting their gig. At least take 3-5 days to make a well researched gig.

  1. Best customized title
  2. Elegant & clear Gig image
  3. Reasonable Gig price
  4. Best Keyword
  5. Clear and precise description of your service
  6. Add Q&A
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Welcome to fiverr. This is the best marketplace.

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thanks for suggestions :smiley:


Welcome to the fiverr forum, and alwyers active fiverr forum