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New User: Are all offers legit?


HI! New user here. I signed up yesterday and already received two messages. However, they had a ton of spelling and punctuation errors and seemed a bit sketchy. How can you tell if the buyer is legit?


I am a seller who received messages from buyers (who had incorrect spelling, etc.). Do I get penalized for ignoring messages in my inbox if they don’t look legit?


Hi Amy. Common sense, due diligence (for instance, Googling) and experience will help, but there are no guarantees.
Thus, also, this may be needed sometimes: :four_leaf_clover:

I´ve worked with buyers whose command of English isn´t the best and all went great and I´ve said no to people who waved too many red flags. Not so easy but should become easier over time. :slight_smile:

You have to reply, to every first message of any new person, within 24 hours, or your response rate will drop. However, you can save and use “quick responses”.

Read about Response Rate and other useful info here:



Thanks for the advice!


I just went to reply to one of the messages and there is a notification on the bottom saying the buyer “will no longer be able to contact you. Submit an unspam request to undo this.”


Does the message I describe above indicate it has been flagged as spam?


Yep. That happens fairly frequently.