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New user - Bad review

Okay, so long story short - a buyer left me a bad review. I contacted him and messaged him this:

“Hello! You could’ve contacted me before accepting the order, I would’ve happily revised the work for you”

to which he responded with:

"bro im so sorry it is my first time using fiver it didnt allow me to communicate with you so i thought it was over… now what?"

So my question is - Apparently I could’ve worked this out with the buyer, but he thought that the delivery is final and that there is no way to contact me after that, and he didn’t know that he can request a revision so he left a 5 stars for communication… and 1 star for “Buy again or recommend”.

Now, I know we’re all walking on eggshells here so I contacted CS, and they of course responded with "If they want the review changed, they will have to contact us, however, it’s up to them to do so, you are not allowed to suggest this option to them, as it would essentially be considered as manipulation.
Perhaps revising their order and fixing it for them might prompt them to contact us and have the review changed or removed."

Okay… So… This user didn’t know that he had the option to contact me after the delivery, he didn’t know how to request a revision, so I think it’s safe to conclude that he most likely won’t be familiar that he can edit his review if that isn’t hinted to him. I know the reasoning behind this “Rule” but it is ludicrous, especially when rating is one of the biggest factors that affect our business and CS should look carefully into each specific case.

So yeah, judging from his response, he wanted to take advantage of the options that the platform offers (of which I informed him), but being unfamiliar with the platform he didn’t have the chance to do so. The “Now what?” indicates that he would prefer to take advantage of those options if he knew what to do next. I can easily revise the work to his satisfaction if he were to revalue his experience, but I won’t do it because Fiverr won’t let me inform him that he has the option to change his review.

Then CS suggested that I should deliver a revised work and that maybe the work itself might prompt the user to contact CS for a review modification. Yeah, I guess the new user that left a bad review because he didn’t know how to contact me will somehow see the light and the knowledge will come from above and he will then contact CS to change his review… Right… :sweat_smile:

This could’ve been easily avoided, but the platform is fixed more on not deviating from its illogical rules than the experience of all of its users - The sellers and the buyers.

New user doesn’t understand Fiverr; New user rushes to leave a bad review; New user regrets leaving a bad review because he understood that he could’ve just requested a revision; New user wants a revision and asks “Now what?” ; Seller (Me) won’t provide a revision (I would but I can’t mention that he has the option to change his review so doing additional work just to be stuck with the same bad review is not in my best interest); Sad buyer; Sad seller; Bad policy


To be honest in your case, as you were already in touch with CS and they didn’t react too hostile, I would’ve write another message to CS asking them to message your buyer to explain how the system works and that he could still keep working with you and ask CS directly to change review with the message along the lines:
“We’ve been in touch with your seller and he is happy to provide all revisions. If you feel satisfied with revisited work you can have an option to contact us to leave new review” or something like that.
Most likely they wouldn’t agree but worth a shot.

Sometimes CS sent emails to my clients after I asked them. It just have never been about reviews.


Waiting for their response, then I’ll ask them if this is possible, thanks for the suggestion!

Keep us posted because I’m also curious what would be their response

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Another example of why I feel a bit of trepidation dealing with brand spanking new buyers on the platform. They usually don’t know the order process, what their options are, and likely also the fact that reviews under 4.7 stars harm seller stats.

Two of my three less-than-five-star reviews I’ve received to this point were from brand new buyers…


Well, it’s all useless. They told me that I can contact the buyer and ask him why he rated me the way he did in a neutral and professional manner without making subtle or direct implications that he should consider altering the review.

This feels like such a waste of time because he already explained why he left a bad review and I told CS everything. He is a new user, he thought that he was unable to contact me, he was not familiar with how the platform works and now he wants a revision (After learning from me that this is a viable option).

But of course, it’s not in my interest to revise anything, CS wants each bad review to be final, even when it’s unfounded. The only green light I received was: “You can ask him why he left a bad review while walking on eggshells” but I already know why he left a bad review and like, that’s the reason why I contacted them… I feel so powerless and it sucks when you know you’re right. I feel like if I get a good CS agent who really reads my requests the outcome would be different, but one can only hope

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I can only guess how you feel right now but here is what I’d do in your situation –

Contact the buyer and confirm that it was a mistake on their part to complete the order instead of asking for a revision. If they reply positively and want to make amends, ask them to place another order, maybe $5 or $10 only, so you can modify the delivery as per their requirement.

Most people would not care for a 2.7 star review if it is immediately followed by a 5 star by the same person. You will also be able to explain the whole thing under your reply for the review.

However, be super cautious if you follow this path.

Some people never leave positive reviews. If that’s the case with this buyer, then it’s better not to engage with them anymore. Their review doesn’t show on top of your profile anyway. It won’t cause much problems in the long run.

Better focus on what we can do than where the platform or crazy rules fail us.


I agree it’s probably best to add a public reply to the review. Maybe saying in the public reply that they could have asked for a free revision or something like that. Or if you wanted you could mention there that they still have a free revision left if required (ie. that you could do in the inbox).

Doing the revision might get more work from that buyer in future if you want that. Though with hundreds high rated reviews, 1 lower rated one isn’t going to affect things much. Some people will probably expect there to be at least 1 lower rated review when there are many high rated ones so it probably doesn’t really matter/won’t have a bad effect.

Thank you for the suggestions! So, a little update! The user messaged me back a few days ago saying “Hey, actually reading back your work now and it’s not bad!” :clown_face: So I messaged him back and I told him that his experience matters to me so that if anything needs to be revised I’ll be happy to do it until everything is perfect. He literally requested a revision on a single line followed by “bro sorry again if we sort this out ill change my rating asap” so I went ahead and I revised the work for free. I didn’t get a response back for a few days, yet the user was online so I messaged him again, asking if there is anything more I can do for him… and of course, he ignored me. Tried to message him again after a few days (He is online most of the time) yet he never messaged me back. :clown_face:

TL:DR A new user left a bad review because he didn’t know that he could contact me or request revisions after accepting the delivery. A few days after that he messaged me saying that he actually read back the work and that it wasn’t bad. :clown_face: I still insisted on revising and I assured him that if anything is less than perfect I’ll be happy to revise it, then he requested a super small one-line revision. After going back and forth with a few ideas and concepts I was ready and I attached the revised file… Then he just ignored me (After receiving a free revision) :clown_face:

I wonder if CS will ban the buyer’s account for discussing reviews should you report it!? :rofl:

Maybe, edit your delivery message to include they should hit the revision button if they run into any problems. It may save you a lot of hassle in future. Just saying it as it hasn’t been mentioned yet.

P.S. Be vary of ‘bro’ people. Always.


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That is actually a great suggestion, thanks!

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