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NEw user/Buyer how to get/withdraw money from my fiveer balance after cancelled orders?

So I created a fiveer account to get this task done. I ordered 3 people for the same task. First of all i like to say it’s ridiculous that fiveer takes money out of your paypal account before any work is done. I thought fiveer would take money from paypal account and pay the sellers once they’ve done the work, but no, they take money from my account before anything is done and they hold on to it, forcing you to be attached to the site via the money.

Anyway, I placed 3 orders for the same task, so that’s $15. All of the sellers say that they don’t know how to do this task (a relatively simple c++ program) and they all requested to cancel the order and so i did. These sellers are supposedly the best ones on fiveer and yet they can’t even do this medicore c++ program that i don’t have time to do right now. Now, i noticed that the $15 did not go to paypal account but is now in a “fiveer balance”. Now how do i get this $15 back to my paypal account? it’s completely useless for me to have the $15 be on fiveer since i only made fiveer for this simple task and their best people can’t even solve it or don’t want to solve it, so i don’t want to use fiveer anymore, i just want my money back. There’s no option for me to withdraw this money back to my paypal account. This site is ridiculous.

Ok, but how can you spend your money that fiverr has for you. I want to pay someone I have 5.00 and I want pay pal to pay the rest, How can I do that, HELP this is an emergency ,


Site is basically keeping you hostage by not refunding money back to Paypal account. II wonder if its even legal practice in US. I am filling charge back with paypal. Let them figure out if its ok for the site to keep my money for the order that couldnt be fullfilled. I have 50$ in my account.



Did you read the ToS when you signed up?

Retails stores and businesses do it, “store credit”.

Take up the refund with Paypal directly. Paypal favors the buyer almost 100% of the time. Paypal is huge and Fiverr won’t contest. If Paypal flakes out, then take it up directly with your credit card company. Paypal will follow whatever the credit card company says. If your credit card company doesn’t agree with you then you are SOL.

That’s how the world works.

but if he is so mad that he is leaving, your point is moot silly girl.

I have $ 3 in my account and I wish to use them. Is there any way out?

I have same question want to spend $5 in my account I have then it is mandatory that I should order Gig that is $ 5 ???If I have ordered more then that its not getting deducted from my fiverr credits??t

I too have $3. How could I use it? Do I need over $5 in there before it’ll be used (according to TOS)?

Hardly. There is nothing wrong from Fiverr’s end. In normal contract work, the client usually has to pay half of the project to start (as a down payment), and the remainder is billed upon completion of the project. For convenience, and since most projects are low cost here on Fiverr, everything is paid for upfront. When the project is delivered and complete, Fiverr releases the seller’s cut of the profit (80% of the total purchase).

Not True, I have 55 usd in my account but get redirected to Paypal if I want to buy a 15 usd gig.

I use FIVERR for 1 work that was not completed. Finally i have $ 75 in my account. I would like to transfer this money in my paypal account. it is not normal that we can not manage money from our account easily. it is a scam. what can i do ?

You will have to spend it on Fiverr. You can always contact customer support to see if they would transfer it back to your credit card or paypal. It doesn’t hurt to ask ;).

Same problem!

Just tell me yes or not. Can I withdraw money back into my bank account if the seller has mutually canceled the order? If no! Why?

If an order is refunded to you, the refunded amount remains in your account as Fiverr credit. It cannot be withdrawn to a bank account. This is part of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. It is the way that they have chosen to handle this issue.

i think this way is just a rubbish bad customer service. why wont you allow buyers refund their money back. i have nearly 100 dollars in my account and i do not intend to use this site after the bullsheet i went through.

As others have stated, it’s unfortunately the way Fiverr handles refunds.

The store credit parallel is a common one on here but to be fair, most if not all retail outlets only refund in store credit when there’s a problem with the refund (i.e. you don’t have the receipt, the item you’re returning is damaged, you’re outside of the return window, etc.). They don’t do that as a global policy for all purchases.

Fiverr is a bit different because you’re not ordering premade goods. You’re paying for services, many which are unusual. The idea could be that:

  1. If you cancel the order, you probably still need that service and there are plenty of sellers left for you to find someone else to complete it so you won’t need the money withdrawn again.

  2. The amount the premise was built on was originally low enough that it would be seen as a “throwaway” that you can use for something fun rather than something you’d desperately want back in your bank account.

Or the idea was to be greedy and force people to spend money on a platform they don’t want to use anymore just because it’s there lol

Whatever the case, at least you know now!

Yes, I have $77 in my balance, I can’t withdraw or use it. everytime I order a gig, I get redirected to paypal account. This is so frustrating, I kept losing money, and there’s money in the fiverr balance