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New user check my gig

Hello I am new seller on fiverr . Check my gig I can make your website in low price and very fast.


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You can’t do this work without having the buyer’s email address and emailing them things, so I would make sure it’s okay with Fiverr that you do this. I would also make sure you have proof that you have third-party resale licenses to do this, assuming you do.

As for feedback, it’s important to show the value of what you do. In the gig you’re just saying you do this task and in this post you’re just saying that you do it cheap and fast. That is meaningless to a prospect if they don’t get the value they need. You’re not showing what the value of it is and why someone should choose you over a competitor. That’s vital for sales.

It can be helpful to demonstrate that you serve a specific niche or purpose. And by specializing, you also become more skilled.

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