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New User Getting No Traffic | Help!

Hey Everyone,
I am new to Fiverr (since August) and I have received little to no traffic on my gigs. I just created a new gig in the past couple of days and am still receiving no traffic. I was hoping you all could help me out a bit. I’m not sure if I am using poor tags, my title isn’t compelling, or maybe even my example content is not luring enough. I’d really appreciate any advice you all have. Thank you!

Welcome to fiverr and this forum. You are talking about your only gig. You might know, every new member on fiverr platform is supposed to make 7 gigs.(I got my first order when I could complete all the 7 gigs). All these gigs must be unique and impressive with strong description, titles, and images. See whether your gigs are appearing in search results. Seems to me not, as there is lack of traffic. Focus on your keywords by which your gig can be searched. Also, use social media for the publicity and looks and impressions on your gig.
Do all this and you will pick orders soon.
All the best.

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Very helpful! Thank you for the insight. I did not know about the 7 gigs aspect. Here is a screenshot of impressions/clicks.

Welcome to the forum, Gig image very important, attractive image, unique tags also important. Best wishes for you :smiley:


Not true. Some are very successful with just one gig.

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