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New User having problems already!

Today I joined and tried to make a purchase.
The card was declined twice by the site.
My bank now states two pending payments to the site, but order history has disappeared.
I can not cancel the transactions either.

Any Ideas?


You’ll need to contact CS about this. Unfortunately, no one here can help you …

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Sorry I have been all over the site but can not find any contact details its all automated. … or there’s a link to them at the bottom of the main site fiverr page


Hi @garydewar,

Please follow this link to contact support explaining your issue: Fiverr Customer Support

Thank you for both replys.


I recently had someone report the same thing to me. I never got an order from her and finally after several days she asked me to cancel the order. I never saw any order from her to cancel.

OP you would need to notify your credit card company about this. And as others have said also contact customer support.