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New User here atyservices

Hello! Everyone. Hope that you are fine and good in health and doing great on fiverr. I found working @ fiverr very great. :star_struck:

I hope that joining in will gave me great experiences and many clients, of course to work with.

Below is my little intro…:sunglasses:

I have a 17 years’ experience as per position of “Dedicated Server Administrator.” Moreover, I am actively working as a freelance PHP Developer as well. My experience includes;

• Internet Support representative.
• Client Support assistant.
• System Administrator
• Data Entry accomplice.

With the following tools / Software I am proficient: -
• Zend Studio
• Email Server
• FTP Server
• Windows Server 2003/2012/2016
• Dreamweaver
• Open source and Web CEO
• Google Webmaster & analytics, IBP.

How want to buy windows Dedicated Sever, I am waiting for someone to allow to work with as long term client.