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New User Here! Check Out My New Gig!

Hi Everyone, I just posted my new Gig on here:
I Will Paint Your Spirit Animal:

I am not sure I filled out the info correctly, so when
you get a minute please take a look and provide
feedback! I need some views as well! Good luck!

Thank You,

Genevieve (artfleet)


Welcome Artfleet!

Nice gig, your drawings looks amazing. Hope you make some good sales :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Hello Kuastore!,

Thank you for the warm welcome and comments about my art!!!
Do you have any Gigs on here? Any advice?

Thank you,

Lovely art work. I wish you all the best. use buyers requests daily. Your gig looks great. just share your gig on facebook with your social circle. All the best.


Thank you so much for your comments and advice architect18!!! =)