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New user here: Is Fiverr still worth it? Or should I try another channel?

Hi there. I’m a web developer with real-world experience and portfolio but with zero online contacts. That means I’m starting from zero.

The effort is going to be immense to make orders come in, I believe. I’m beginning to think I should put my focus somewhere else.

Prove me wrong! Is it a good time to start with Fiverr today or not?

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It depends on the outcome you get from Fiverr for your efforts. But it wouldn’t be wise to put all the eggs in the same basket.

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You are correct, it does take a lot of effort to be successful on Fiverr. It also takes a lot of effort to be successful on any other freelance platform, or going it solo. Freelancing is not an easy career choice (but it’s still the best career choice I ever made…)

If you want somewhere to start, I recommend reading through this post and applying the information there:


Nah, I think you are right.


It is, to be honest, I have tried them all and this is the only place that allows me to put food on the table and do what I love. There are flaws of course, but where aren’t? Good luck.

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Paul gave you a really good link so if you go through all that and you feel motivated to work on your gigs then you might make it.
If you feel exhausted or you didn’t even go through the entire post then Fiverr is not for you. You might find 9 to 5 job in web development company more suitable. There’s nothing wrong with that because not everyone is cut out for freelancing.