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New user can I use mobile app for creating Gig

Hi everyone,
I am new, trying to complete my fiverr gig but I can’t verify my contact from Android mobile, anyone can please help me what I have to do?
As well defeat me about Gig creating and posting.


Welcome to Fiverr and wish you the best of luck in the journey of this outstanding platform besides keeping on focused in the Fiverr forum which may assist you to enrich your knowledge and thus will improve your skill and expertise. besides, you can make strategies that how can I improve my gig positioning. Learn the way of promoting your gig to Fiverr and to social media. you will have to invest more time in researching the freelance industry if you want to survive such kind of fantastic platform. I hope this may work you are concerned with

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Gig posting,
Hey thanks for your kind response,
I would like to ask that how can I verify my mobile number?, Getting trouble screen shoot is attached I can’t submit the verification code what should I do?