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New User in Fiverr!


Hi everyone!

I’m Mia. I’m new here in Fiverr. I’m looking forward to completing jobs for the community. I just posted three gigs on my profile, hopefully, I pick up some clients.

Looking forward to making friends here with co-Fiverr workers and users!


Welcome to Fiverr. Just keep your patience and try to hard work. I hope you will be successful. :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:


I suggest Please share your gigs on social media ,You will get great respond


Also you can do keyword research and SEO of your gigs


Thank you! I’m really looking forward to completing jobs soon.


Hey, thanks for the tip! That’s what I did after publishing my gigs. Hopefully, someone notices and realizes their need of my skills! :smiley:


Try to be online and do social media promotion ,Try to send real traffic on your gigs and give a great respond to your clients and always try to be online


Thank you! I’ll do those.


Hi Guys… been on Fiverr for a while, just getting used to the “forum” part of Fiverr…

Name: Michael_Cxt
Specialty: I do very creative Graphic Designs, Logo, Flyers, and Animations.
Nationality: Proudly Nigeria.
Design Awards: Yes! Won a national award.


Welcome in the world of fiverr


Hahaha… Thanks Man!


Wish you all the best. Happy journey. Best of luck…:star_struck::heart_eyes:










best of luck on fiverr


Hi, Mia Welcome to the world fiverr and the community :sunny::evergreen_tree:


Hello & welcome :blush:
Me also new :star_struck: