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New User in the DC Area!

Good Morrning! My name is Steve and I’m new here! Does anyone else live in the DC Area?

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the 5r forum. I live in the East Coast but getting ready to move westward.

I was just in DC a few weeks ago for Cherry Blossom. :grinning:. I had a great time, so much to do there.

Thank you Gina! Where are you moving Westward?

I hope the weather wasn’t too cold for you and had a blast around here!

What type of services on fiverr do you offer or have gotten from here?

I am a writer so I’ve gotten many services related to that including:

  • Editing, proofreading, beta readers, eBook Covers (2D & 3D), translations (various languages), article writing, virtual assistants from around the world for research

  • Illustrations, cartoons, avatars, signature logos, voice over, whiteboard, animation scripts, animal tips, travel tips, recipes

  • several others. I’ve spent few thousand but would have probably spent 10 or 20 times more elsewhere.

Are you thinking about selling or buying?

oh wow, that’s awesome! I’m looking to buy.

I’m interested in a videographer in the DC area that can shoot some awesome shots of me for social media sites and I’m also looking for a script writer to come up with some funny videos for instagram, etc.

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Hey Steve,

You may want to move your thread to “Conversations” where others maybe able to provide you with help. People rarely look in the User Intro.

I’m off to work so I’ll try to catch up to you in a few hours and give you some tips as well.

PS: In case you don’t know how to move a thread: click the pencil in your title then simple change the location below it. :grinning:

Again, Welcome. I’ll catch up to you later.

I don’t have the power

1st step:

2nd Step:

You can change category through this process.:slight_smile:

Hi Steve, welcome to fiverr! I’m in the DC area. I’ll shoot you a message :slight_smile: