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New user. Is there a list of jobs that people need doing? Can't find it


Hi! I just joined, and I can’t seem to find a list of jobs that people need doing, just the list of jobs that people are willing to do. ???


I believe you can only see 7 at a time :frowning: that might be a good idea to make a suggestion to the Admin, so that they can all be viewed on a separate area of the site.


On the main site look to the right you will see the request gig section


omg!!! Thank you!!! I just never scrolled down far enough!!!


No worries at all :slight_smile:


One more question: how do you scroll down and see all the gigs people are requesting, and not just those 7 or so displayed?


So I take it there are more than just 7 requests out there? Hmmm… That is odd that there is no way to see them all. o/O


I want a job … really needed for a job