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New user, looking for writing experience through real world application!


Hello everyone, and thank you to everyone taking your time to read this post! I’m another new user to Fiverr, and I’ve signed up in search for opportunity to gain real world experience in writing. I’m going to college for writing, and while I learn more, I would also like to get more hands on in the writing world. Anything from writing articles, character developing, proofreading and editing, I’d like to say that I’ve done it all, and have the work and references to prove it. In this post, I’m hoping to get some advice on starting on Fiverr, and working my way to having a long list of completed gigs with satisfied buyers. Any advice is more than welcome, and thank you again to everyone! I hope to hear from you soon.

-Zach S.


Hello there!

Welcome :slight_smile: I’m also in the writing category! I majored in Creative Writing too. I went to Southern New Hampshire University. I’m working on my M.A in English now. It’s nice to meet a fellow Writing major! :slight_smile:
You’re brave to take on proofreading :confused: Or maybe I’m just a wimp. That’s the one category I absolutely don’t want to touch. I feel like it just requires so much attention to detail.

Anyway, Fiverr is an awesome way to make money. I’ve only been doing this since Feb and I’m already making a full-time living doing it. I specialize in Memoir. I’m willing to take on all kinds of projects, but I found it really helpful to niche-down and then market that niche. I didn’t see any other sellers doing memoirs specifically and the SEO and article writing category was just jam-packed, so I decided not to throw myself in the mix there.
But yeah, good luck, and once you find your speciality I’m sure you’ll see lots of success. There is a ton of customer traffic flow through this site :slight_smile:


Hello! :slight_smile: Nice to meet a writer as well!

I didn’t realize you could work here full time too, that’s really interesting! It makes a lot of sense to try and stick to niche projects, I’ll be sure to try focusing more once I get the feel for working though this site. Thanks for the reply! :smile:



Yes, I’ve found it pretty easy to scale this into a full-time income. I really think the trick is offering something that not many other people are. I definitely didn’t expect to get as many customers here as I have. When I started freelancing, I was using Upwork and I thought that I’d give Fiverr a try. I had used Fiverr as a buyer (to have my book covers made) and I really liked the Fiverr interface. To my surprise, I’ve gotten WAYYY more business through Fiverr than I ever did through Upwork. I actually have to turn clients away. I’ve gone the route of taking on a handful of clients a month, at higher rates. I’m not going the volume route. I really like it, but volume works for some writers really well. It’s definitely all about finding what method works for you. Good luck!