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New user needs help with refund

The provider I chose was unable to do my job and we mutually agreed to cancel. I have not received my money back and can’t locate the resolution center on the fiver website. an someone give me a link, or point me tword customer service, thanks so much!

Customer Support. You likely have the money back in the form of Fiverr credit. I’m not sure exactly where that info is though (I don’t buy) so maybe someone else will help you on that point.

You should see it on your balance to the top right of the page. Once you are logged in that is.

Hope this link helps:✓&query=refund

I am a New Seller and I had a challenge with one buyer. he ordered my gig and i delivered as described in His offer.
after a day He sent a negative Review which I pleaded for Him to Reverse so i can Give Him extra Gig for free and He refused insisting I return His Cash or it will remain there. So in that case what will I do?

By the way that will be $100 for the advice…no cheques or money orders please.

Looking over the buyer’s review it looks as if you are reselling software/information which you may or not not have resale rights to. My advice to you(since you are asking for it) would be that if it is the latter ditch that gig immediately and do not try to resell software or information which you do not have intellectual rights to, because as you are finding out situations such as what you are asking advice in how to handle will occur quite often. This will happen because you are just regurgitating information that would have been shared thousands of times across the Internet! And if you downloaded the information from a file sharing or warez site parts of the original information package may be missing(on purpose most of the times), great way to catch a trojan as well.

Refund the buyer their money, pray they keep their word and move on to honest gigs which would require you doing actual work.