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New user needs your help

Hi mates,

I am new here on Fiverr, I launched my first gig 6 days ago and I received no clients yet, I know it is not that easy, but could you please have a look at my gig and tell me how can I improve it and get my first client.

My gig:

Thank you so much.


Where is the link to your gig?

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Thank you, I forgot to put the link

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I really recommend you to remove Unlimited revisions - it’s dangerous thing.
Also, take a free Fiverr course - it’s amazing for beginners

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Sharing your gig in various social media & sent buyer request daily.

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Okay thanks, I appreciate your help

Thanks, mate, I appreciate it!

Hi. Maybe try making the WIP up to 30 seconds and show your strengths in create logotype.
1 - Speed
2 - Creativity
3 - Experience

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Thank you very much for your help