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New User Rank, and Scam messages

From what I’ve heard in the past, new users receive a rank from Fiverr to let buyers know they are new, to help get first sales. I think I lost the rank, since 2 people sent me spam/scam messages (I have reported them). How can I get it back?

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All new sellers start as Level 0.

The rank of 0 is where all new sellers start. It has nothing to do with helping new sellers get sales.

You did not lose your new seller rank of Level 0. The problem is that there are many unscrupulous buyers :smiling_imp: who prey on new sellers. They try to play a variety of tricks on new sellers. Some of the tricks are:

  1. Asking new sellers to attach an order through the Fiverr messaging system. These type of orders the buyer will get for free, and the seller gets nothing. :money_with_wings: In fact, I should not call them orders, because unless the buyer books the seller’s gig, or the seller make an offer which the buyer accepts, then it is not an order.

  2. Offering to pay the new seller for setting up some type of account for them. This could be on Fiverr or another freelance platform.

I cannot think of the other scams right now. What kind of scam message did you get?

Be aware that you 0 level status is a sign on Fiverr that you may be gullible and fall for the :smiling_imp:'s tricks. However, once they see you are smart and reporting them they often will leave you alone. :wink:


Two people messaged me at the same time about a “small business idea” they would like me to “cooperate” with. Supposedly, we would both earn 100-150 per month.

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Yep, it is common for new sellers to deal with this. Some are desperate the :moneybag: clouds their minds and they fall for it. The sad thing is once these buyers have been reported enough, they get their accounts canceled, but they come right back with new IDs and open new accounts.

Good luck on surviving your newbie status. :wink: However, it seems you are smart enough to avoid the scammers so you should be all right.

Thanks! Any tips on getting first sales?

This thread was made just for sellers with your question. Hang around the Forum and you will pick up lots of info.

Josh also has some good advice.

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Thanks, I’ll bookmark it. Right now I’m just trying to earn money to get an Oculus Quest. Factoring in the commissions, I’ll need to earn $500.00! My plan is simple. Get 2 orders, buy advertising. Get more sales. Get more advertising. Get more sales. Get more advertising. Etcetera. Eventually, I will peak and stop buying more ads, and then I will fulfill orders till I get $500.00.


Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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