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New User Suggestion

Hey, I’m new here! Please give me some suggestions about how to get the first order? ___ Advance Thank you.


Well, for starters, you only have 9-minutes of read time on the Fiverr Forum so I strongly suggest you do some research.

Lucky for you, there is a section on the Forum called “Fiverr Tips.”

That will answer most of your questions.

Also, be sure to read and bookmark the Terms of Service.

They are extremely important.

Good luck.


Kudos to @looseink for taking his time to educate you. OP, a lot of people won’t really help you or provide random tips. Do what Looseink said and you will be fine. Read the ToS as many times as you can, otherwise you can get banned randomly because you never knew what’s allowed and what you can’t do.


Thank you, Sir. :heart:

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Sir, Thanks a lot. :heart: