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New User want expert suggestion to improve my 1st gig to get 1st order

Hello Respectful experienced sellers :innocent:, I am new user from Pakistan, Hope you are ok and going good in Fiverr, my expertise are in SEO, I just want your little help to check my first one and only gig created more than 2 weeks ago, may your little suggestions make path to get my first order :blush:,
I shall be grateful to you for your kindness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts:
Best Regards Hassan :v: :heartpulse:

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Hey man , i will just get straight to it , i am telling you what i did to make my gig apealling, first off , i put a video of me making what i do , put a little song on it and bam , appealing , secondly , i had real confidence in my words and gain the trust of my clients , just through description , and lastly , whatever it is that you do, you can put some β€œkey words” in your description , for example my speciality is art , and i put words like " digital painting , art ,portrait , drawing , oil painting ect