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New user want to learn

Hi guys help me how to improve my gigs i am not getting my order.

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In your “I Will Assist You In Writing Assignments” gig
the main paper in the gig image is rotated.

Also make sure that any gigs are okay with the TOS rule against “Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers”.

On your profile it says “As a teacher of mathematics and mathematics…”. The same subject is listed twice.

In your “I will make research proposal of physics” gig,
maybe change the line that says " i can claim that you will find m a best proposal writer". Also it’s probably best not to offer unlimited revisions.

Your “I Will Make Questionnaire And Quizes” gig:
Maybe change “Quizes” to “Quizzes”. The main image is rotated.


I have write “as a teacher of physics and mathematics” in my profile…but unfortunately it does not go online.what to do now and how?

Have you tried clicking “update” on the profile after editing it and maybe then refreshing the page?
If it still doesn’t update, are you using Chrome as that’s the recommended browser?

Also in your “I Will Suggest Business Slogan And Business Name” gig, maybe change the image that says “A unique slogan attract clients” eg. to “A unique slogan attracts clients”.

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yes i click on update …ok i ll change :slight_smile: thank you

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