New user with a ''unique'' way of rendering!


Hey! My name is Dennis and i am new to Fiverr (and new to freelance work in general).

I want to see if there a market for realtime 3D design and rendering. It has many advandages over just static rendered images or videos. You can walk trough the building dynamicly and even in VR, this could be really useful for presentation or real estate goals.

Tell me what you think about the idea and the presentation of it in my gig, any feedback is welcome!


I think it sounds really cool, but I’m not seeing what it really does. If you can go through smoothly and interact with it, I want to be able to see that in the form of a video or something. Otherwise, it seems like any other 3D rendering gig.


Thanks mithril!

I had a link in the gig to one of my examples, but fiver said links weren’t allowed in a gig :frowning:

this is the example i had at my gig