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New User With Plenty of Feedback for Fiverr

Hey y’all,

First of all, let me say that even though I’m new and only just finished my first gig, I’m really enjoying this the general service this site offers, and wish I’d found it sooner (I kinda feel like keeping it a secret from my musician friends so as to not create more competition!)

Anyways, I’m hoping to reach someone actually with Fiverr as opposed to preaching to the choir (as I imagine I’m about to do), but there’s so much bad functionality on this site. I do enjoy the services this site offers as a seller, but I’m hoping to give some feedback and draw some attention to the following issues, from minor inconveniences to major ones:

1. Formatting: the site itself looks great, but good god the front-end functionality is so bad (including the fact that I just had to use ‘_’ to get italics, and then manually click outside of them to get back to regular text is… quite bad. I feel like I’m on Reddit, except they finally managed to figure that out. There’s also so many characters that just aren’t available to use in bios, gig titles, taglines, etc. Is there a reason for this? Is it something to do with the language the site is coded in? Not being able to use backslashes especially is… it makes titles and other things read unnaturally and I just can’t find a reason why not. Maybe it has to do with SEO, but it kinda sucks (other companies have figured it out, and you’re getting 20% of everyone’s cut simply for existing at this point, Fiverr!)

2. The fact that even though I had selected for this to be a numbered list, starting a new line did not automatically start me with “2.” (I wasn’t planning on leaving this as feedback, but alas, I just discovered this)

3. Gig Titles: “I will…” continue to be annoyed by being forced into this formatting style. As sellers, we’re all here to do stuff – the “I will” is implied, it’s superfluous. Furthermore, in different areas of the site, the “I will” bit is omitted, so your order statement just says “mixdown and master your track”. Whose decision was this? Can I have their job instead? You may want to actually consider that question after I’m through here, unless I’m late to the party and its one of those things where everyone has the same complaints and the service just ignores it while they count their cash, which I really hope is not the case (looking at Soundcloud). Beyond that, there’s major inconsistencies in caps vs no caps where it’s all caps some places, each letter capitalized in others (like for titles), and then whatever you actually originally inputted other places. That bit is admittedly nit-picky, but it looks poor from a business perspective.

4. File Upload: I can’t tell you the frustrations I had trying to upload files of all sorts when building out my first gig! First, and absolutely foremost, no WAV upload for gig portfolios? We’re professionals here! We don’t deal in MP3s, guys. We deal in quality, and so should you. To get my first gig up and running, I had to open the WAV in Ableton (oh, that’s right, also the 3:30 cutoff limit is bogus! That can’t possibly be the average length of a normal song!), shorten it, bounce to WAV, use an online WAV to MP3 converter since iTunes only does m4a now (you can’t even accept that?), download from the converter site, then upload. I get that WAV files take up more server space and right now it’s reserved for deliverables, but if that’s an issue then make the site more exclusive like how Upwork (at least claims) to work – make signup an application with portfolio submissions required. Maybe then there wouldn’t be as many kids with 3 months experience making dubstep in Ableton bogging down search results (but then I guess that’s taking potential revenue out of your pockets, I understand how capitalism works). Then theres uploading photos – I tracked down old cover art online from many label releases to accompany the relevant audio (since, as the artist and not the label, I don’t get sent the album artwork), screenshotted, then tried to upload only to be told it was too small (it was like within tens of pixels). Why?! If it’s stretched and looks shitty and unprofessional that’s on me and your sellers. Hell, it might be a red flag if the seller doesn’t have enough sense not to make their profile organized and aesthetic – more work for the rest of us! Then, I tried to upload a video thinking it’d be a good way to showcase my general background and services (more on this later), only to find that I had to rush through a 20 second video explaining who I was and what I did and what my qualifications where for it to be a file size that could be uploaded (of course without spending an hour trying to downgrade the quality or whatever – video isn’t my thing, okay?) Then, after I finally managed to do this and get it uploaded, it uploads upside-down. Jesus Mary, you guys. This is about the time when I really started doubting this service (luckily I got a quick bite right off the bat).

5. Gig Tiers: Listen, I can appreciate the fact that you offer gig tiers and premium/non-premium services. A lot of what people do can be broken down into tiers, but why force it into 1 or 3? One “gig” I offer is mastering, but you know what other artists often need before that that I’m also even better at than I am mastering? Mixing down. Where’s my 2-tier service where I can offer mastering as “standard” and “mixing and mastering” as my premium. I mean, I guess I could offer mixing under basic, mastering under standard, and both under premium, but in my experience, clients usually need mastering or both mixing and mastering. Rarely do people just need a mixdown that they’ll take to someone else to master, and this is just one such gig. Just let us choose how many tiers we want, not that hard, I don’t imagine!

Okay, onto some stuff more on the feedback and ideas side of things to help improve the site going forward:

It would be SWEET if each seller could upload a general video that outlines who they are and what their strengths and qualifications are that buyers are hit with the second they land on the seller’s profile. This is what I mistook when creating my first gig and spent far too long doing. Give us the opportunity to really showcase and sell ourselves and our personalities beyond a heavily-cropped avatar and a buried biography – the people like’a the video nowadays over reading stuff, haven’t ya heard?

Beyond that, please make it clearer that each gig should be as specific as possible in its scope. I spent two hours building my first gig for a lot of generally audio services only to find that it is far more ideal to get very specific. I had to scrap it all an start over, creating more gigs, experiencing more of the above frustrations.

Okay, that was a lot, I know. If anyone, let alone an actual Fiverr rep, made it this far, thank you. I really hope to see some of these features/bugs fixed moving forward.

Again, happy with your service, Fiverr, just don’t go an leave a mostly finished product unpolished just because the money is coming in now – don’t forget about who makes you money. I used to pay Soundcloud $100+ a year for their services, but when they took away certain functionality that impacted the artists and then ignored them to cater to the casual listener, I quickly took my money out of there and still tell everyone I can to stay away. Different business, but you get my meaning.

Thank you kindly,

Lousy Hex


Just FYI, a selection of your complaints are about the forum which is not hosted by Fiverr. The forum is hosted by Discourse, a service used by Fiverr to provide a user community. For me, Discourse is far better than the WordPress alternatives but I’m sure that’s personal opinion.

As far as special characters on the main Fiverr site, I’m pretty sure that has to do with code. I mean, slashes are a critical part of file structure. (Just an example.) There are some functionality problems with the whole site, though, I agree there. Sometimes Fiverr seems to spend more time adding new (not always great) features rather than fixing existing issues.


Hey Lousy Hex (when do you get to say stuff like that, great name!) and welcome to the forum.

There’s actually a whole forum category for feedback of that kind, called Site Suggestions, where your chances of staff reading and not just or mainly other sellers and buyers, in theory, are higher. You should find some of the things you mentioned already there, though. :wink: But go ahead, you never know, I’m pretty sure I’ve posted the same thing twice at least once, too :grin:

Hope you’re enjoying your Fiverr newbie time in spite of those technical trifles and tribulations and get lots of orders by interesting and nice to work with people.

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Thank you for the tip, and the kind words about my artist name :cowboy_hat_face: I’ll be sure to check that out.

I think it’s clever. “I will design a minimalist logo, I will fix your wordpress errors, I will write a business plans.” It works, it’s personal, and it’s effective.

You can upload a movie, or hire someone on Fiverr to turn your wav into a movie. Images are very important for Fiverr.

This is about your experience on Fiverr, not outside of Fiverr. Here you start at the bottom like everyone else, and then when you’re level 2, you’ll enjoy being told that “you’ve been nominated to TRS” only to be rejected the very next day.

Anyway, I hope you stay on Fiverr, I can’t wait to see your feedback in the future.