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New users on fiverr here ON!

Helo i am a new seller on fiverr and still got no ratings

Did you complete projects?

I did not hot any projects

Hot what? You need to improve your English

“Ratings” are not given, they must be earned. What are you doing to earn your “ratings” and success here on Fiverr?

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What i meant to say was “got”

Yes still working on my ratings i am working on fiverr as a graphic designer.

Hi there @hasiba_pro. Welcome to the Forum. Glad you’ve joined us. However, why you speaking of ratings when you don’t have created any gigs, yet?? Ratings will only be shown if you have some orders and if your clients leave you a review?? But you need to show your work first. :crazy_face:

Best of luck
Warmly, Humberto



Yes of course i have gigs on my account