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New Users on Fiverr not getting enough for the sake of their time spent on this site

Hi there,

I just want to talk about that okay its very fine that fiverr is good platform for freelancing but what about new users because fiverr is spreading and not thinking about new users, New users online all day and some of them all night just for the sack of work but in the end what they get $5 dollar job with a lot of revisions, on the other hand users that are on like level 1 or level 2 they’re getting hell lot of work to do and buyer paying them very handsome amounts for their work, more about buyers every buyer need experience if i’m a new user i don’t have any previous experience what should i do, Fiverr needs to make a way for new users that allow them to work hard and offer them good jobs in an easy way



They worked hard to reach that level so they deserve to have those perks.

There’s no easy way to get a job/money, you need to work hard, you need to find a way to get orders not to wait for them to come. Everyone here was once a new user and they found a way to success, you should try to find that way too.


yeah!! your’re right

Keep your fingers crossed and hope that you will find the same grit and determination to succeeded that others before you did.

Or you could try something that pays by the hour in the real-world.

Neither are ideal choices, but these are the only choices you have.


yeah!!! you’re right

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Many level 1 and level 2 sellers are not receiving orders at all.

Sales are never guaranteed, whether you’re a new or an old seller. And complaining on the forum about the lack of sales accomplishes nothing.

There’s no easy way for anyone.


i am not complaining anything but what i am saying is fiverr should make a category for seller and buyer high budget and low budget values now pro’s are available here but fiverr needs to be more categorize

get to work and stop complaining. everyone out here went through same hell before they’re where they are today


Logically, there will be no difference if Fiverr made the category or filter that you are talking about. The fact is Fiverr is already over-saturated, and category or filter will only separate sellers in different lists, not eliminate them. As being said, you will still need to struggle for getting orders. I’m afraid that kind of category or filter won’t help.

It wouldn’t work. And you can work hard and so on, and it couldn’t be enough as well. It is an oversaturated marketplace.

:arrow_up: Realistic suggestion.


I am the newcomer on Fiverr, and last two day I’m active on fiverr more about at least 14 a day. but not getting any buyer request.

well this is an aggressive response but dear let me be clear i’m not complaining


so then wishing you best of luck keep your finger cross

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thank you very much for your attention

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When searching for the service they need, buyers can filter the search by price (for example, to look only for $5 gigs), so the option is already there.

It’s also possible to sort the search by the newest arrivals.

On top of that, Fiverr does give new sellers a boost in search for a while.

In short, Fiverr is already helping new sellers. The thing is, some categories are oversaturated. For example, there are 12,000+ gigs offering background removal. What is it that you offer in that category that would make numerous buyers choose you over 12,000+ other sellers? How are you better than all of them?


now here is my point as you said there are 12000+ gigs for background removal there are many accounts that are not being used for many years months fiverr should send them a warning to come back to fiverr or they’re suspend their accounts just like upwork does with freelancers


Well, that is a point you didn’t make initially but one worth suggesting to Fiverr.


Is there any rules, How many days after the account will be closed if not activate on fiverr?

If accounts are not beeing used for many years, that means they’re not getting orders or “taking them from you”. And just to be clear, you are complaining - big time.

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Someone suspended their gigs and didn’t log in for years but still got orders but they were cancelled (11 automatically cancelled orders). They may still get orders but if they haven’t logged in for a very long time they may be less likely to be able to do the specified gig/reply to messages quickly or at all.

Maybe Fiverr could require users to log in every so many months (eg. every 3 or 6 months or once a year?) to keep their gigs active?