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New users should be

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Thanks for your tips… :+1:

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thank you so much :+1: :+1:

Not true! :roll_eyes:
I was not “always” on Fiverr when I began, and I still became successful here.

Only post if you have something to contribute to a thread.

Many new users merely echo (copy) an earlier post. Some say something like, “Great idea.” when they have no idea what the conversation is about. :zipper_mouth_face:

Some new sellers even come to the Forum to make a post because they have read an article by a Fiverr “guru” that posting on the Forum will somehow increase their sales—that also is not true. :lying_face:

Do you mean on a blog that belongs to you? Or do you mean to post spam about your Fiverr gigs on various blogs? :thinking:

This is good advice for new sellers. However, be sure to tell the buyer what you can do for them. Do not merely reply to the buyer request, “I can do this.” :grimacing:

Yes, an eye-catching gig thumbnail is a good idea, but do not copy another seller’s gig images. Nor, should you copy gig or profile descriptions. :scream:

Lastly, I am curious how a new to Fiverr user with an account that just opened in June 2020, has experience enough to write Tips for Sellers? :thinking:

One would think such tips should be provided by experienced users who are adept at how Fiverr works. :nerd_face:


Please stop telling people they need to post on the forum! This forum has nothing to do with the way your gigs rank or anything else.

We have too many people posting “thank you for the tips” and other unnecessary comments due to this wrong advice.

Fiverr does not care if you post on the forum or not.

We have a thread started back in October of last year that is an ongoing wasteland of people saying “thank you for the tips” due to this. Why that is still going on for the past nine months is a mystery. I’m sure by this point no one is actually reading the first post with the tips.

We have another thread of people saying “thanks for the tips” that was started in March of 2017! People are still over two years later saying “thank you for the valuable tips”.