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New View of fiverr


The new Fiverr view is great. We can go to all the page quickly but I have a problem with the to-do list. It doesn’t display how many work to do. What do you think about?


Yes, previous ‘to do’ was far better. The new one is so inconvenient. Bad idea, please bring back the numbers! :<


What I don’t like is that if I want to view my profile page I have to hover over my username and then click on the “My Profile” link. Before I was just clicking on my username and it was faster and more comfortable.


It’s buggy too, my app is now in Spanish?


Reply to @jpreay:

My app is in spanish too. I thought it was just me haha


Reply to @hellobman and @jpreay: I seriously have no idea how you guys use the app and maintain your sanity in the first place. Drives me nuts. 8-}


yes… We can’t see count of todo list…

That is the main problem of new fiverr.


Do not show to-do list but over all OK…


Reply to @inkpetal: Honestly I just use the app to check and reply to quick messages or new gig orders. The app really does need some work, especially with all the bug issues.


Reply to @hellobman: No kidding on that one. Mine fails 4/5 message sends. I’ve completely given up.


I like the new look :slight_smile:

The old Fiverr didn’t refresh quickly enough for me.


I like some feature BUT there is a HUGER issue. When I need to review my gigs, especially when fulfilling an order, I need to quick;y go to my gigs and play my video samples to either hear the music or sound f/x and now that is not available or I can’t find it. You can only go in and edit your gig but not play it. You have to go to find it in the actual search engine and then play


The new design and all is ok but please bring us back the Todo list with Numbers.

This is very inconvenient .


I also can’t quickly see what orders are do and this takes too much time


I still want the UI of fiverr v.1 one back :P!


Has anyone found an easier way to get to your sales page than this new, three-step process – username, sales, manage sales.

Three steps? Annoying.


It’s annoying, please bring back the numbers.


Reply to @chipperwood: You could just bookmark the direct link and set it as a hot-key.


New TO DO looks are not good enough