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New Voice Actor in Need of Help (New User)

Hey everyone! New user here, but very familiar with the service.

I guess this is a mix between an informative first post and a small cry for help:

Since a young age, I’ve been very passionate about acting, but most specifically — voice acting. I love the arts, and I’ve done a good bit of writing as well, but the world of voice over has been my true calling (especially with character voices).

I really wish I’d have gotten into this in high school, but I’m still very young (22), and dissatisfied with how my life is going: 9-5 work, not much money, and huge dreams. I’m really just glad I’m acting on it now instead of later - so that’s good.

Bottom line, I’m working to get this to be a major source of income; and Fiverr isn’t my only freelance site: I’m also active on ******and *****.

So the problem: I’ve been active on at least one of these sites for almost a month now, and I’ve managed to land my first and only gig - an audiobook; which should be done soon. Other than that, I’m tapped for work — despite the daily auditions and proposals I send to various clients. It’s a grind, I know. But I want to make sure I’m not doing things wrong.

But if I’m not, and just need to keep trying, then so be it. I’m not one of those people who gripes and moans about not getting work — especially if that work deals with my dream career.

My only request is to have someone here who is experienced in this field to review me, and even guide me to improve my outcome here. This is still a very recent venture, so I still have lots of time to improve.

Thanks for any support you guys leave me :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Check this out for how to get orders:
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to Fiverr Preston.

Your gig is great. I would probably add more samples to your demo such as explainer video style, IVR…narration etc.

Your demo right now seems to be focused on character voicing only.

Don’t start your main gig demo with a character sample in the very beginning, instead create more gigs. For example: “ I will be your character voice”……there you can showcase various characters and accents and it will be easier for clients to find you especially if they are looking for character voices.

You price might be a little high. I would drop the price to get that gig going. You can call it a “new client” introductory price, a September special ;). When you start getting orders you can adjust it accordingly.

I would also take the following sentence out of your profile: “I’ve been highly recommended to enter the voice acting/voice ……”

Make sure to keep an eye on those buyer request. There are tons of clients looking for VO ;).

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much for the quick response annai,

I’ve made the pricing change, as well as moved my character demo to the third audio sample – instead of the first. I’ll also add a few more different demos to expand my reach. But will the site let me upload more than 3?

Also, are you suggesting I change my gig name to “I will be your character voice”? Or just have that put in my description somewhere? I just want to make sure everything is a-okay.

I’m fully open to more suggestions if you have them. I’m really excited to get started here :slight_smile:

You can upload up to 3 different samples. Your main demo however can consist of various styles and should showcase your voice.

No I would create a 2nd gig (additional gig) for character voicing only. I hope that makes sense?

Good luck on your Fiverr journey :wink:.

In addition to what has been said suggest you check out: for how to get started on Fiverr.

Great tips Anna! Cheers from Cancun!

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