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New Voice Over Pricing Structure

There are big changes happening to the pricing structure of Voice Over Gigs that will create a better, more seamless experience for both buyers and sellers on our platform. Here are few highlights:

  • The new structure is looking at “a la carte” approach to simple, yet thoughtful, pricing (vs. the old triple package approach).
  • You now can set a dynamic logic that makes it easy to calculate your price, and your delivery time based on the number of words the buyer requested.
  • We’ve also updated the names of some of the pricing attributes, so it will be easier for you to set better expectations for your buyers. We encourage you to use these vs. a custom extra, so it will be easier for buyers to find you.
  • We redefined the Commercial Use pricing attribute. You can now find 2 levels of buy-outs: Commercial Rights - used to promote a product and/or service (with the exception of paid marketing channels). Full Broadcast Rights - used to promote a product and/or service in radio, television and internet commercials. Check out the new terms of service here.

We’re really excited about these changes, and hope that, with your feedback, we can update pricing structures across more categories based on the category need.

Update your Gig today! We will stop supporting the old pricing structure in Voice Over on 8/8/2017.

For more details about the Voice Over pricing changes and a guide on best practices to price your voice over Gig, check out our new blog post.


When I logged on today I saw that the pricing for voice overs had changed and packages are no longer offered. At first I was excited at the simplicity, but now I fear as a new seller I cannot offer the few bonus incentives I was able to with the other pricing system.

I would appreciate any advice or insight to help this new seller (and other voice over sellers) to the next level!

Do you think this will hinder new clients?


Thanks so much. Although I don’t offer VO gigs, I can understand the reasoning behind it now.


Out of curiosity, what will happen to the gigs that haven’t been updated once when the deadline takes effect?


We desperately need this in the proofreading and editing category. Packages simply don’t work.


I’m in editing mode… Right off the bat, I like the simplistic, but streamlined pricing structure. The new additions are a bonus. :sunglasses:

Editing mode visual :arrow_down:


awesome! Looks like a good change to me :grinning: Now if only I could find a cat to edit them all for me like @nikavoice :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Gigs that are not updated before Aug 8th will be paused. Once the pricing is updated they will be reinstated.


It’s a nice win.

Easier for the buyers, they no longer have to figure out how many extras to purchase for the word count, and the new Commercial/Broadcast rates are a great bonus.

Love the direction!


@nikavoice I’m gonna check it out tonight, can you please report back on your thoughts when you have finished the first edits. I’m anxious to see how it will change visually and what your impression are.


Donny did a nice job on the video. Bravo!


I like it because it encourages Buyers to purchase the 2 legal documents used traditionally in this business to protect companies against possible future lawsuits.

I’ve been upselling similar legal protection documents in the last few months and this will make it easier.

Most Buyers are grateful for being educated on these important matters, and it hasn’t discouraged business.


Thanks Mike! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


I’m loving the new structure. Much more simple and intuitive, and most importantly, all of our extras are now right on the front of the gig page, rather than on the 2nd page after a buyer clicks through. It makes upselling much easier, in my opinion.


I’m very happy about the new pricing structure.

It helps clarify the service I provide, and it makes ordering easier and more intuitive. On very rare occasions my buyers would use the extras, but now this number has actually increased with the new pricing attributes. It’s better for my business.

The old packages simply didn’t work well for VOs, and this is a great improvement over the old system.


Excellent. It’s easy to buyer’s and seller’s .



Ha ha funny :joy_cat:


Much, much better. I especially like how you can extend delivery time depending on how big the order is. Well done Fiverr!


I eliminated packages from my gigs a while back when I noticed it was just confusing for people. Clients will still need direction when ordering, especially first timers, so they order what they need. And we as sellers will still need to offer extras to make sure clients really get what they need and for us to earn additional money.
It’s fine to be an order-taker. It’s great to be a salesperson and add the extras really offer the best to your clients and earn both you and Fiverr more $.