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New Voice Over Pricing Structure

Second this for translation. Else I’ll have to change to VO, and nobody wants that, I live in a noisy place. :wink:

Much luck and even more success to the VO people with the new structure! :slight_smile:


At first glance, I like the changes. One thing I am looking for and haven’t found a useful solution is setting workdays. For example, I can offer 1 day turnaround M-F, however I take weekends off, so my gig is set for 3 day delivery. I am certain this costs me much business.

Anyone figured out how to work around this?


Ok, I gotta admit, anytime I see changes to anything I use online, especially anything I use to make money, I cringe. Worse, going through it usually results in loud, excessive use of profanity, the cat hiding in the closet, and children being ushered back into their homes by concerned mothers…


The changes make sense, the video gives step by step info on how to make the changes, and it makes sense! Did I mention that the changes make sense?

Fiverr hit this one out of the park. Very happy with the changes.


Great Job Fiverr, love the changes!


I love the changes! Thank you Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Would EBooks fall under Commercial or Broadcast Right?

How do I know how many extra to purchase? If your minimum word count is 150 and I have 350, do I have to buy 3?

Thanks so much Fiverr. I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Kudos to Fiverr for these changes to the standard gig pricing. The changes address areas I have either had conern with or have tried to find ways of working around manually. I could still see room for some more tweaks but a great leap forward, Thank you.

However… Removal of the 3 package format is not welcome . Most of my gigs are standard pricing format and for this the changes are great and I celebrate it. But for some of my offerings (like IVR/Phone system), the 3 package systems still works best, because that offering fits nicely into 3 packages and my customers rarely ever have to go to the extras. they just enter their word count and pick the package they want (I would have liked to be able to include custom extras into the package details though). Now my customers have to go thru the extra’s list to find the pieces they need. It will make it more difficult. For example, my pricing includes a commercial license in every IVR package (they will always need it). But the new system does not allow for the automatic inclusion of a Commercial license.

Solution: Incorporate the new pricing model into the 3 package approach to continue to allow it as an option. Also add the ability to include custom extras to be included in packages. This would be the most beneficial to both providers and customers to create the gig that best serves the customer to make things as easy as possible to buy our services.

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Another change I would like to see is the ability to designate the extra days to selecting the option generically vs per item chosen. Example:

Timed Sync.

You have restricted it to 60 seconds (which is a bit limiting but ok). But I usually add an extra day if a customer wants to do any kind of syncing job (especially needed for PowerPoint). However, if it is a 5 minute video, it will designate it as an additional 5 days on the job. I don’t need 5 days to do a times Sync. I only want 1 extra day regardless of the number of minutes of the video (any extension due to the size of the project will be handled by the word count calc you have added).

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I’m guessing if someone wants the similar package concept, they will create 3 gigs. I was happy with the packages, but I see how overall this is a win for most buyers. I think they want a consistent buyer experience, so we have to figure out the best way to handle specific bundles.

Maybe they will bring them back as an option, but that still creates some buyer confusion if some items are via packages and some via gigs…

Fiverr is optimized for constant delivery times. I’d go for two day delivery and maybe pause gigs early in the day on Friday, then turn it on Saturday afternoon.

It depends on where you are in your Fiverr journey. The site favors people who are working with a constant X days of time 7 days per week. When I think of it, maybe you do one day delivery Sunday to Thursday night, then change it to 3 day every Thursday night?

Both not ideal solutions, but I don’t see a clean workaround. (They seem to be doing fine for most with the current options, but I can see how that is an issue.)

That solution would be untenable and even more confusing for the buyer and less effective for the seller. The 3 packages all relate to the same offering. To make 3 gigs would mean that a prospective customer would find one of the gigs and say, “Yes this sounds good, but they don’t offer everything I need” and go on their merry way to someone else. Or If I include links to the other gigs then it would be a hassle for the client to then go to another place to order when they are already on my gig. No 3 separate gigs is NOT a solution.

To this, I whole heartedly agree.

I can understand wanting a consistency for the buyer experience, but let’s not dumb down the buyer too much. There is NOT a consistency between purchasing a web design and a VO, or creative writing. Different things often require different looks to help the user. My IVR gig was straight forward and very successful. They put in the word count and they selected which package they wanted and they are done. You can’t get any more simple and straight forward than that. Many times, users who request an IVR don’t know what they need, but they can always pick my premium package to make sure they are covered for everything. And the lack of ability to automatically include commercial license means that every IVR customer will have to know to select the commercial license extra and that is the one extra that so many people forget to add. Which forces us to go back and request more from the customer, which often creates friction and lessens the positive customer experience.

The problem is that VO is NOT a single product. Of course, you know this. Some types of VO are more similar to each other than others. But there are aspects of VO that are night and day different and should be delivered differently.

As I said, I applaud the changes for the most part, but it would be helpful if we had more options and more flexibility to address the different needs of the different forms of VO. Like:

  • keep the new pricing changes (they are great)
  • Integrate it with the 3 package approach for those types of VO that are easily packaged and fit that style
  • allow for custom extras to be included in packages.
  • Allow for custom extras to take advantage of the word count integration and/or provide more optional extras.
    (like an option to integrate audio file from a timed audio sync with the video)
  • Provide an Audio book option that takes the word count and calculates PFH for PFH pricing.
  • Allow extra time to be based on selection of the extra or the number of extras selected
  • Allow for Timed Audio Sync to be tied to word count if you want to charge by the time speaking in the sync process (most customers are confused about selecting more than one extra concept and rarely do, even if they should)
  • Be able to tie requirements to the extras selected or the package selected so that you have standard requirements for all and then more requirements if they add extras (like to add the video or PowerPoint file to sync to if Timed Audio sync is requested)

These are just a few of the things that would help the gig relate to a larger variety of VO requirements and make an easier straight forward approach. Fiverr did a great thing with these new changes and I am sure that they are going to continue to make great strides. I just hope they re-integrate the packages quickly.

Fair enough. I do tons of IVR and I don’t even have a custom package/gig for it, but I see your point.

I suspect create one gig that is the equivalent of your most popular gig might make sense as a starting point. That way it includes the most popular package options you had before (including commercial use).

The other VO gigs have similar issues. There are lots of variations and I was happy with the packages as they worked for me. That said, now that it’s gone, my order amounts haven’t gone down, so overall the change is fine by me.

Actually I see it as a win, as overall it’s simpler for the vast majority of buyers. (Again: Tons of variations in other VO gigs too…)

I respect there is a range of sellers, and maybe they will bring them back. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that in the short term. The change to remove them and add additional options for the VO category took them months to execute, so I hope we figure out a great solution within the current system.

I’ll be interested to hear what you find works best (even if it’s not as refined as your previous offerings). I simply can’t see them changing again in the near term. The changes cause their own friction for sellers, and doing it too quickly isn’t something they can do without tons of planning.

Looking forward to hearing what you settle on.

You don’t need my input, but if I can assist in any way, please let me know.

That is an excellent idea. I will fashion the new pricing based on the most popular (most likely the mid range/standard) on the IVR gig. Probably the best way to move forward. Still not an effective way of including the commercial use automatically except just to mention it in the description. the only bad thing is that it does not get included in the order write-up (which is another suggestion is to have all the details in the order write-up for the customer records)

Another good point and you are most likely correct. It is just a little frustrating that the smoothest running gig I have is the IVR gig and the thing that made it smooth was the 3 package concept. My other gigs, I am continually working with clients (almost half of my new or first time clients) in getting them to order more because they did nor order enough to cover their requirements. On the IVR gig with the 3 packages, I never had to go back to work with the client to correct the order.

Like I said, this is a great move forward in general, I just hope they don’t wait as long to make more incremental changes that are needed.

I will try a couple of things and see which ones bring me the same or better or best that I can get results and I would be happy to share what I find.

I am always open to well founded input and I am appreciative of your input on this discussion. I will, thank you.

Hi all! I need some help as fiverr can’t seem to give me any solution and I’m certain some of you have the same issue with the new structure.

I have always had the 3 pricing structure and within that I was able to charge for express delivery in a way that felt like i was getting paid what i should be for pushing aside other jobs to make this one a priority.
Example: $20 for each 50 words for 3 days / $45 for each 50 words on express 24hr
And people have always happily paid that.

NOW with the new system I can only add one basic fee for express. So if I choose $25 as a flat express rate then people will pay $25 extra for 50 words express but only $25 extra for say, 400 words express. And in the process I lose a ton of money. In this example that’s the difference between $185 and $360!

I tried to add my own Express gig extra but when i preview it it won’t add the money on top?? It’s so strange. Every other gig extra seems to work fine. So now I have no express options at all.

I’ve mailed fiverr several times and each time the reply has had nothing to do with what I’m asking.

NOT a fan of this new system so far.

I experience a similar dilemma regarding the revision extra, which I don’t use. Same as you described, I can only add one fee for a revision. This was the same option that was available with the packages. However, my fee to revise/retake 300 words would be more than 100 words.

What I’ve done is handle revisions/retakes on a case by case basis. I access the need and then set my price and if the buyer agrees, I send a custom offer. I do wish the revision extra was based on word count though, as the initial gig fee is.

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I know I’m late in commenting and I hope you found an option that works for your IVR gig, but if you haven’t, do you think it would hinder your gig if you changed the Category from “Voiceover” to “Other”? Leave it in Music & Audio, but change the next Category to “Other”. My Spoken Word gig is in Other and still has the packages option… I noticed you IVR gig does NOT have the word(s) “voice over” in it, so I suspect people find you with the keyword “IVR”, so changing categories may not hurt you. Just thought I’d give you another option to think about.

Good development, will diversify into Voice-over

Hello Brieanna,
I feel your pain but fear not.

When I started a couple years ago, they didn’t offer packages. It was something that came and went in that short time. This may challenge you to be creative in your pricing, and that is a good thing. As a new voice actor here, you really have to “give away” some of the things you may later separate and charge as extras in order to build your brand and reputation on fiverr. Believe me…if you’re good, that will happen in no time and you’ll be able to justifiably raise your rates as well as spin things off as extras.

All in all, hone the craft of voice acting because that old saying is true. If you build it (and it’s bangin), they WILL come!
I hope this helps,