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New Way by Buyers

Hi, How are you doing?

I have noticed a new way to don’t get too much offers from buyers. As newbies send too much BR even if the request doesn’t meets their skills.
So, Now a days buyers are writing something like this: Don’t send offer, if you can’t do or I will report your account.
And when buyer write something like this, then the request lasts from around 1 hour or more. It means the newbies don’t send irrelevant offers to these types of requests.
I think it’s good for the buyer for not getting out of topic offers.

What you think about it?


Huh, I haven’t seen that one used yet.
I’m not sure it’s anything more than an empty threat, though. There are a limited number of things that one can report a random seller for. If the buyer goes hunting for those things, though, I can see how a good chunk could probably be fairly easily reported.
Basically, a seller has got to have a quality offer to call the buyer’s bluff, but if the seller is already good enough to avoid being reported, then the seller does qualify and thus wouldn’t be targeted for being reported anyway.


it depends as it is different

Yeah I agree to your point.

It was same to me, but today I saw two requests and both ended like “I will report your account.” Well, I don’t know exactly what buyer wants by putting these words.

its harmful for us as a new be