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New way to scam fivver customers - answer whaterver

I had an order form some guy here, he is level 2 to with 4.9 rating. It’s not my 1st order from him.I think he is not willing to work with me or it’s to hard for him or god knows why. I asked his about the order he say yes, then after 3 days i asked what about it again and he said something about his colleague or have something else then he took details about my site and he will start soon, after couple days i asked again and he answered again that he will start soon. I begin to worried he is laying to me… Then i saw that the rating of a vendor is also affected by his response time, obviously he is not willing to take this order but he don’t wont a slow response time rate so he keep answering and lying to me, a decent customer. I cant tell him he is a layer but fivver need to take care of this things.


Hi there.

Sorry to hear about your experience with this seller.

May I ask: have you actually placed an order with them, as in purchased their gig or accepted and paid for a custom offer?

If so, what’s the status of the order right now?

A seller’s rating is not affected by their response time and their response time metric only counts for the first message they receive from a buyer.

They don’t have to keep replying in order to maintain that metric.


They have a method 1st they research after this they begin to work for x days then if its completed successfully they place an order and i accept it immediately as its been finished within a day (not!)
(its a hole in the fence of trust and honesty they found, this hole need to be sealed!)
If they place order 1st and do the work it will reflect the true value of this vendor, now i know he is a layer and i cant even write it in a review because there is no order!
i’ve continued with another vendor and job has been completed very fast.

I am not sure I even understand what you are trying to say.

So do they complete the work without you placing an order? You just tell them what you want via the inbox and then they are off and start working?

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You are just overthinking it

The seller is not affected by response rate. It only display on their profile and it is calculated how they respond to the buyer first message

Yeah, fiverr has tons of sellers, so if one is doing you don’t like or are not aware of and you find something fishy, just switch to another seller, and I am amused to know that the guy works for you without even first making you to place an order

Maybe, I am not sure, but what would’ve happened is, the seller would’ve been asked to fix a bug on the website, so the seller played safe and thought that if he could fix the bug, he will charge the client for that and get a good review and if not, no problem, it won’t affect his/her ratings as no order had been placed. He would also have thought of not getting scammed because as the buyer pointed out, he was a return client

No seller worth ordering from does anything without an order being placed first.

If you are saying that you have not placed an order from this seller, but are expecting them to deliver something via messages in your inbox, you are at fault here. Thjs isn’t how Fiverr works.


You said it yourself: there is no order. If there is no order then no one scammed you. You didn’t pay for his services so it’s at his discretion when to start working on your order. He was doing you a favour to offer working without an order.

Please read how fiverr works and then you’ll avoid this situations. You are also at fault because that’s no how fiverr is intended to work.

“Scam” is when you paid for service and didn’t receive it. Here you didn’t pay for anything and has no right to demand anything from your seller.


They have a method that is not endorsed or supported by Fiverr. The way things work is an order is placed, and then work begins. Doing everything before an order is placed is very shady. Don’t work with him.


Thank You. This i what i trying to say

There was several orders in past and trusted him but the last order was stretched over some very long time while replying each time with another reason then they ghosted on me, If they said “can’t do” that will be fine ,i don’t need favors there is time factor here. From this point i don’t start a gig without vendor placing an order (then time is ticking and he all about deliver)
***just thinking about it, if he will break my site i did not have a way to complain about it…

they say “let me check” then i gave them user and pass, the make some changes and asks if its OK?
I say yes and they send order, i did not ask for it. its a method and they used it twice. At first i thought it so kind to work for free…till now

It’s the buyer who places the order, not the vendor.

The vendor can only send a custom offer, and then the buyer accepts it and places the order. Or, if what the buyer needs is covered by one of the available packages, the buyer can order directly from the gig page, and submit the required information on the order page.


i meant custom order