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New way to Scam people on Easily and earn money

There are lot of Seller scamming and doing fraud on They said in GIGS mainly in SEO or Backlinks gigs that they will create high quality backlinks and you will rank high in search engines after one month with 100% money back Guarantee but what after month if buyer not received results. Seller build scrappy links through cheap software’s and provide the long list of backlinks and buyer wish they will surely get results after month.

And fiverr not help buyers with these kind of peoples…Thanks Fiverr

Not exactly new, though. If it looks too good to be true…

…and of course, a fool and his money are easily parted.

Some of what you say is correct although there are a few realistic services in those categories. I wouldn’t buy them unless I felt like a gamble.

What I disagree with is that Fiverr won’t help. The tricky part is, Fiverr is really not a great place to buy a service that takes longer than 30 days. They have policies against it but they can’t catch all. Buyers need to read the Terms of Service too. If you buy a gig like that and want help from the Support Team, find sellers who can deliver in 21 days or so, or have them write it in a custom quote.

If you don’t see results on day 26, ask for a refund. If the seller refuses, immediately contact CS and then them you did not get results in X days #(any less than 30) and that the seller won’t refund. They can help then. Buyers on budget bargain sites have to use caution.

There is a simple solution.
Don’t buy gigs like that. If you do buy a gig like that and get a report showing lots of links then you need to actually check the links. Remember though, loads of links from spammy, link filled sites is actually bad for your SEO.

  1. Check if the link exists
  2. Check they are indexed by Google by searching for the link
  3. Check your link is actually present on the page

If the above are all ok then the seller has done their job.
If the seller “guarantees” that you will get on page 1/rankings will improve etc then I wouldn’t order from them. There are so many different factors that affect ranking that they cannot guarantee this. If the assessment of the campaign requires waiting more than 3 days after the completion of the gig then forget about it.

REMEMBER: If they are selling based on results then the results are the gig, not the work. This means that the time frame of the gig needs to INCLUDE the results (at least partially). That type of seller should do this - complete the work in X number of days and then allow X more days for the results to show. However, there are ZERO who actually do that - why? Because they know that the results will not match their promises.

Could it actually be that simple to rank unlimited sites at number 1 by using a program that costs about $30? Obviously not.
These kinds of sellers have been doing this for so long that I pretty much see them as similar to when I get an email from an African prince asking for my bank details.

I did use one some time ago, they were recommended by a friend and it was a top rated seller. He delivered the links and when I checked them they were all from spam sites, didn’t exist or were de-indexed by Google. I complained, he cancelled the order without question (he knew what he was doing), I reported him to CS with lots of evidence and his top rated seller badge was removed.

If you fall for it, you fool for it… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you believe that $5 backlinks will skyrocket your website’s ranking, you don’t know a thing about off-page SEO.