New writers and the hunger they have to succeed


Im new and hungry to write some of the best songs poems poetry letters stories and anything else


What are “ketters”? …


Sorry meant letters two left thumbs lol


Can i hear from some of the new writers


Hey there :slight_smile: I started writing for Fiverr back in February. I was using Upwork before that and not having a ton of success. Since I put a gig up on Fiverr, I’ve had continual work every week. This is such an awesome platform for writers! I decided to give Fiverr a try because I was already in love with Fiverr as a buyer. I’ve been buying from Fiverr for awhile and I always liked the concept and the user interface.

Good luck to you in your writing gig! Freelance writing through Fiverr is such a fun way to make money :slight_smile:

#6 - In order to succeed as writer tips can be found on the YouTube video, especailaly if English is your second language.


I can come up with awesome name ideas… but no work yet.

What do i do?


Wow Great.
Prying for your success :flushed: