New writter, just joined!


Hello guys, I’ve just joined and I love it here! I love that everyone is supporting each others. I am a writter, I can write about any theme you want, and I do it quick.

Feel free to check my first gig! Greetings from Croatia!


You mentioned this in your GiG -

** I can make it a document and send it by e-mail**

Contacting buyers outside Fiverr is not allowed, it is against the ToS.

Btw as a tip from me -
Try to work on the description. You are a writer, so, show some writing skills in it. Only 4 lines don`t work good. :grin:


@taverr Thank you for your reply! I will certainly listen to your advice! Description is already changed, but I didn’t know about the ToS thing, so I thank you for that also! Love and peace from Croatia!


You have misspelled writer more than once in your thread. You might want to pause and put effort into polishing your skills to avoid a disappointing experience. I’m not trying to be mean, but some buyers would be put off.