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Newbie 1st Gig Visibility?

Hi, i am new and my 1st Gig created 4 days ago still not showing in Research?
I tried with the keywords / Onlines / New sellers /ect …

How many days may i pray to appear? ^^


See 72 hours
The aftermath shows
If not shown
Please inform Fiverr customer support about this.
Is there anything wrong with it? See
Title used
Tags used
Download picture is used
Is this all right?

I think it should have started now but if it’s still not showing then try to search as per your gig tags. If still you can’t find it then you should need to talk customer support about it.

Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems all is ok so i am still waiting :pray:

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I have sent a ticket for assistance and now i feel very disappointed cause i understood my Gig won’t be able to be findable untill i have sales. It is a paradox : to sell we have to be found in Search :confounded:

The main Tip is to share in our social medias. If i created my account on Fiverr it is exactly because i have no visibility on those social medias :sleeping: (except i a pay for pub) sighs !!!

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