Newbie and no sales almost 2 months


Hi Fiverr Expert , I newbie here . Anyone can check out my gigs see any problem or how can I improve it ?

I join Fiverr on April , but until now I only got 2 sales .What can I Do ? I do sent 10 buyer request daily .


i saw your gigs, i think your gig is fine. you can add video to your gig and it might help you


thanks , I Been and video intro in my gigs


i think you have video to only one gig and other 3 gigs have no videos, so try to put videos on those gigs


I saw your Gigs and Profile. I think Your Gig is nice but Your Profile skill some problem. You are a web designer and developer but you Don’t add your Skill section your expert area, like HTML,CSS, JS, PHP etc.


thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:


I been added those skill on my expert area. thanks for your sugggestion . If you found any improvement just let me know again .Really appreciate.


Share your GIG on social media.
Use buyer request on daily basis.


Take on board the previous suggestions. Your last delivery was one day ago. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Think you need to be patient. Good luck! :slight_smile:


thanks for the suggestion . I working hard on it


thanks ! I be patient for almost 2 months:grin:


God bless you , sales are on their way…Be ready :slight_smile:


share your gig on social media


thanks for your suggestion .I will


I’m ready. Where my sales .:joy:


This is a very competitive area on Fiverr, so you may need to think about what you do differently to the hundreds of other sellers on the site. Maybe look for a niche and add a gig that covers this.


Any niche suggest ? I been try freelancer and upwork .But I think fiverr is more suitable for newbie like me


Only you will know what you are good at, or enjoy doing the most.

I am a writer of fiverr and I find that my specialist gigs help a great deal. I have an ‘I will write anything for you’ gig but also specialist gigs on writing about property and soccer. Plus these are easier and more fun for me to write.

What have you done well before?
What do you really enjoy doing?
What are you very good at?

These should be your niches. Set up some gigs and monitor how they perform for you.


Don’t make a lot of gigs. Just make 1 or 2 gigs.

Never use silly samples for them. Just use attractive samples.

Find few popular gigs which match to your gig. Check gigs tags and use better tags for yours.

Don’t send messages for ‘‘Buyers Requests’’ tab, It is just wasting time. They won’t give you any job easily.

Give them Bonus with the delivery (according to your industry)