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Newbie and would like people to review my site and give me tips


I am pretty good at web research, data entry, type up letters, and pretty much any clerical work.

I don’t mind doing reviews on sites.

can someone please look at my profile…



I would say something about how you’re good at what you have listed, as other sellers will also be listing similar services so you’d need something to help you stand out.

I’d also place the things you offer into a list, or at the very least sepearate it from the first sentence and not in bold as it all looks a bit chunky on the page and not as easy to read.

Hope that helps!


Hello I agree with @lunabea but seeing your profile I would take off the bold and just select those information that you want to stand out, not everything, why not bullet point them? Add a video to your gig explaining your services and best wishes.


Better gig photo, or maybe even a video…


You might want to create another gig for Virtual Assistant. Put some of the tasks on that gig like travel booking, blog comments and other assistant-type tasks. Use your data entry gig for things like transcription, copy/paste, etc. If I were looking for some of the services you offer I wouldn’t think to look for them under data entry and could easily miss out.

Also, take a look at the gig images on some of the TRS gigs in your categories. Don’t copy them, but use them for inspiration. The photo on your gig would make a great profile picture if you trimmed it. It looks realistic and pleasant and if that is really you it will help you get sales. Your current profile pic looks like a stock cartoon and may not help at all and could even hurt sales. A profile photo should be a good image of you or a nicely done unique logo.


add GIG video and better photo then start to share your GIG…