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Newbie - Can I post a job on Fiverr?


Hi there,

I’m a newbie - can I post a job on Fiverr?




ya sure…but if you wan graphic designing you can directly contact me


Thanks, where / how do I post?



If you need to get an service from fiverr you can directly search for it at left corner. Or you can visit each category and can find most appropriate gig for you and then order it. If you need to post a job you can go to the place where you can see your user name. Click on the small drop down arrow and select request a gig. There you have a big green box telling Request a gig. then you will able to post the request (This is only if you need to buy a job from others if you need to sell your service it is different)

Hope this will help

Please check my gigs if you can find the service you need among my gigs I can do it for you. Hope this helps


Thanks, sorry I’m being really stupid but I can only find how to post services, no option to post a request - i.e.: I need a new website designed?


Look at the right side of the website> orders> Request>order

Kind regards


Thank you!


Your welcome :slight_smile:


Hello sir,

If you need a new website designed, may be I can help you.

Please contact me so that we can discuss the project.

Thank you very much


Hire me for your gig headline and description. :slight_smile:



Can I post my service offer through the request gig menu?


If you’re a buyer, then yes, certainly you can. If you’re a seller, then I wouldn’t…


Why are you resurrecting a THREE year old post just to ask this question? Surely you could have started a new topic to ask for help.


Am only asking cos I can see many people advertising their gigs on the buyer request platform.

Am only confused, but thanks for helping me out.


After a while, you’ll see some of them complaining on the forum that everyone is doing it, but only their post was denied, boohoo…

You’ll also see some of them crying that their account was disabled after they repeatedly tried to advertise themselves in BR.