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Hi ; Im newbie (Fiverr) can you Voluntary guide me how can i Increase my Gigs ( from new to Recommended to High Rating ) Waiting for your positive responce .Thanks

Yes! Unreasonable demands!!

I think having samples to show to the buyers would help.From my experience,involvement with forum will help.I don’t have any evidence of that,but since i started activities on forum,my sales picked up.For starters,try to get 10 sales and after that the sales will increase probably.That’s what i am trying to do as well.Lastly,be patient and tolerant of sometimes unreasonable demands of buyers in the early days.

Add video description

Optimize your gig for your targeted keyword…

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I have couple of forum posts that explain it. Search my posts and you will see some guides that I put up.


Reply to @hotwebideas: You can point those links here for easy to find out…

I’m also a new member, just about a weeks old. I immediately got my first order an hour after I posted my gig. I think keyword tags and the uniqueness of your gig from others is very important.

Lots of patience, as well :slight_smile:

@sara00 First of all welcome to Fiverr…

Firstly You should have to make the gigs. i checked your profile no gigs i found. make great images for your gig images and sample that will attract your buyer also make attractive title and description regarding your services.

Most of people looking for quality not quantity so do quality work. also do buyer request regularly it will help to new buyer to get started.

Thank You

Reply to @mallika255: That may not be what it looks like. I just looked up a friend who is new on Fiverr and only has gigs that have not made sales yet. Due to the current bug with gig displays, the profile shows zero gigs but I know some should be listed. I’ll do a top post in hopes of cutting back on freaked out new sellers. Might not help but couldn’t hurt.

@fonthaunt its showing… waiting to bug fix soon.

mallika255 said: Firstly You should have to make the gigs.

Yeah, that bit helps a little.

Reply to @hotwebideas: can you please send those link so i can rread .Thanks

Reply to @mallika255: You can check my Profile. I Posted 3 gigs , n working on rest of the gigs

@mallika225 : I Posted 3 gigs , n working on rest of the gigs @hotwebideas : can you please send those link so i can rread .Thanks