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Newbie Gig help!

I have been on Fiverr for about 2-3 months putting forth the work of building my gigs. Just got 1finished about 3 weeks ago. biin getting impressions, clicks and and views. But no orders. On 4 different Social Media sites. But no orders. Can someone take a look and give me some advice. Thanks

I am not a VO artist so take this advice with a grain of salt, but I have hired VO artists and might be able to give some suggestions as a potential buyer. This is long because I really hope I can help someone tonight, so bear with me if you want real ideas:

When I’m searching for VO, I usually have specific needs in mind. I might try the search filters on the home page but I’ll also use keywords to search. You seem to have some skills with particular accents and particular character voices.

I would make more gigs and emphasize specific things about your abilities in your gig titles. Gig titles can be huge in driving traffic your way. For example, I might look for someone like you with “southern voiceover” or “southern voice” or if you can do a state accent you might want a gig for “[Insert State] Accent Voiceover.” For characters, put them in your titles like “[Celebrity Name] Impersonation Voiceover” or at least “Male Celebrity Impersonations.”

Use up all your gig slots to catch as many good keywords in those 7 titles. Don’t make any of your gigs too generic. It doesn’t hurt to have one that says “Male Southern Voiceovers and More” (or something better) and specify in the gig description that you can do many more accents. If you are too broad, though, and your title just has “male voiceover” you have WAY too much competition on Fiverr and few buyers will find you. you need to stand out.

If you can do anything quirky, unique or special, try that. It’s okay if the gig is a fail and you delete it later. What matters is getting those clicks, so don’t be afraid to experiment with anything unique you can do. I used to have a gig up that offered “Funny T-shirt Slogans in Bad English.” I had a super weird gig image on it to make it eye-catching. It never sold anything but sometimes people clicked on it to see what the gig was and they would see my other gigs and contact me.

You should use good keywords in your tags and gig descriptions as well, but titles seem to be the absolute best way to draw people in. By the way, your profile picture on your real gig is good, but on the forum an old profile picture shows up that doesn’t look good. Try logging out of the forum and back in to reset and if that doesn’t work, log out, clear cache/cookies and then log back in. You want a good profile picture to show up anywhere that you may be found.

Be sure to check Buyer Requests and watch for opportunities. Once you get some reviews and get rolling, VO is a big seller on Fiverr. Getting started is hard, though. Personally, I would try to do more with gig images as well. Some people have been in trouble for using the same gig image on all your gigs. There are several things you could try. Faces may sell best in your category (I don’t know) but you might switch it up where you have different outfits or hats that go with your accents/characters. Someone else in VO might have other good suggestions for gig images.

It’s good that your price point is low to start with. Later you’ll want to raise it, but starting at $5 or $10 is helpful. One thing I saw in your gig descriptions was confusing. You had something similar to this in each one:

" Note: Til September 30th I will wave all revisions. And I will charge ONLY $5.00 for the complete project. No matter the length. I repeat $5.00 til the END of September. And FREE Shipping. This is a limited Time offer. So order now. Don’t delay."

The part where you say “wave all revisions” doesn’t really make sense. If you mean you will waive the fees for revisions just through Septemember, put it that way and use the spelling for the waiving of fees. The “FREE shipping” part was very confusing to me. Are you really shipping a physical item to the buyers? If so, is that really a good idea? If not, you wouldn’t be charging for shipping at all. Delivery of digital files goes through Fiverr and automatically comes with the gig price.

Good luck!

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Fonthunt, thanks for the advice will take it and make the changes accordingly. I am desperate for sales. And yes I am very new.
Thanks John

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